Winter gear in Christmas spirit

Winter gear in Christmas spirit

Winter gear in Christmas spirit

The winter has already announced its arrival and we are all set to bring out our warm clothes and caps. As the season coincides with Christmas, wouldn’t it be lovely if the winter clothing be designed in Christmas spirit? While there is festive clothing for people at Waggfluence, we pride in introducing festive gear for pets too. This winter let us get some of these for our pets to help them stay warm and also to let them soak in the essence of Christmas. Designed by keeping the comfort of your pet, they are all crafted out of high quality products to ensure that your pets have no problems wearing it. Let us see a few of them and order for our pets to make them outshine all Christmas parties. Let the compliments flow as spontaneously as the love between you and your fur pal.

Waggfluence funny cat costume clothes for Christmas Santa dog cosplay collar cape- Brighten up your Christmas further when you see your cat clothed in this cute costume. This is 100% cotton and so safe and non irritable to your cat’s skin. The costume features an elk headwear design with a matching collar and cape. The collar is adjustable and the cape is removable for easy cleaning. Isn’t this a perfect gear for your kitty while you click holiday photos?

 Waggfluence Christmas costume/dress for small dogs cosplay- If this is your pup’s first Christmas, you would want it to be special for both of you. This dress in red is perfect for your little one as it is both comfortable and stylish. Made from 100% cotton fabric, it is soothing to their soft and young skin. Choose from our Christmas classic or Christmas bow design, and from sizes S to XL to find the perfect fit for your puppy. All you need to do is put the dress on and adjust the straps to fit them well.

Waggfluence Christmas dog clothes Santa costume for pug Chihuahua Yorkshire cat- If you are due to attend a Christmas party with your dog or cat, look no further than this costume. This festive gear is perfect for small to medium sized dogs and cats. It includes a red and white jacket with green trim and a matching hat and has no hassles in putting on or taking off. Let your pet outshine the party and feel happy about all the compliments that flow its way.

Waggfluence velvet print Christmas cat dog Christmas costume- An endearing costume for an equally endearing fur friend! This velvet print Christmas jacket is suitable for cats and dogs from small to large size. It is made from polyester material and is machine washable for easy care. To put the jacket on, simply slip it over their head and fasten the Velcro closures. With its enamouring print and comfy feel, your pet is going to love it loads!

Waggfluence Christmas dress up cloak costume for small dogs and cats- For fussy pets who resist wearing fitted jackets, this costume is your saviour. It is cloak styled and all you need to do is adjust the fit and tie the ribbon around its body. The costume features a festive and apt Santa Claus design with a matching cap. It is made of soft and comfortable polyester material and is available in varied sizes to suit the needs of your pet. Dress your pet up in this and you are set to celebrate Christmas in a fashionably joyous spirit.

Waggfluence Christmas Santa with deer clothing for large and small dogs, cats- Santa with deer clothing; what more can you want from a Christmas costume for your beloved pet! This costume is certainly going to impart an outstanding look to your pet. Apt for small to large dogs, it is made of high quality material that works to keep your pet warm and comfy all evening. The outfit includes a red Santa hat, a red and white Santa suit, and a pair of antlers. Both the hat and the suit are lined with soft fleece whereas the antlers are made of durable plastic. Order today to get it delivered in time.

We are sure your pet will be as much enamoured by these Christmas clothing as you will be when you see them dressed in these. Depending on the size and breed of your pet, choose from these and find the one that resonates with the personality of your pet. They are all designed to fit your pet fine and to make sure it is easy to put on and take them off. Since they are all made from high quality fabric, your pet will not resist wearing them as there is no itchiness or discomfort. Let this be a stylish Christmas too. Merry Christmas!

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