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Wagglemerch is a celebration of love, bonding and togetherness. It is not just another platform where you get your pet supplies and advice. It is a forum where pet parents can come together with a trust that what they get here is something that has undergone several trials and tests to be the perfect ONE for your furry baby. The love for your four legged baby is immeasurable; and so is the concern and care we take to put together all their needs under a single place. At wagglemerch we admire you because if you have the ability to love another creature so unconditionally, sure you have a good heart. We are here to help ease your parenting journey and filling that huge heart of yours with more and more love from your dear poochie.

Wagglemerch brings to you a whole idea of pampering your little one with the best. From grooming kits to leashes and food supplies, from cozy bedding to their toys, from their dishes to water bottles; we have you covered. We even have the best birthday cakes in exclusive flavors just right to make your friend feel special on his special day. After all wasn’t his birthday kind of yours as well as you embarked on a new journey of extraordinary love and companionship?

You do realize how much faith your pet has on you, how dependent he is on you, how trusting he feels with you that you are filled with a moral responsibility to live up to their expectations. It is here that we help you out as you can have the same trust on us to bring to you the best. Let us make things better for our best friends!

You found the perfect pet.

Wagglemerch helps you find everything they need.

Wagglemech (A Pet Tech and Supplies brand owned by Nimble Wireless, Inc.) 

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