Waggle Panda 7 in 1 Cat & Dog Grooming Kit

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7 in 1 Grooming Kit
5-7 Days

Grooming Essentials in the Kit

  • Cat & Dog Hair Brush with Needle 
  • Cat & Dog Relaxing Massage Brush 
  • Cat & Dog Deshedding Comb
  • Cat & Dog Nail Clipper
  • Cat & Dog Nail File
  • Cat & Dog Rake Comb

Cat and Dog Hair Brush with Needle for removing Hair

The cat and dog hair remover helps in removing excess hair in your pets and helps in neatly grooming your fur babies. 

    Cat and Dog Nail Clipper

    The Cat and Dog Nail Clippers Trimmer Scissors with Sharp Blades are specially designed for pet. It comes with plastic handle and easy to grasp. It makes grooming work for your pet quick, easy and painless. The nail clipper feature a scissor grip that relieves fatigue and makes the job of trimming your pets nails or claws effortlessly.  

    Cat and Dog Nail File

    This pet nail file is perfect for all pets and small dogs and is curved to follow the natural contour of the dog's nails. Specially designed for pets. Grip handle makes it easy to hold. This keeps nails smooth and healthy. Perfect for filing after clipping.

    Rake Comb with Grip Handle

    The Comb prevents floating hair, reduce hair loss , when knot occur happens.This helps you rake through your hair without hair loss! 

    Cat and Dog Relaxing Massage Brush

    The massage brush is the perfect essential to bond with your pets. This massager helps relax your pets and reduces stress and anxiety, assuring them their hooman parents have the comfort and warmth they need. 

    Cat and Dog Deshedding Comb

    While brushing detangles and removes topcoat debris, deShedding removes the loose dead undercoat from the pet without removing or damaging the topcoat.

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