Indulge in luxury pet products this season

Indulge in luxury pet products this season

Indulge in luxury pet products this season

The festive season is in full bloom. It is a time to gift and receive. When you go gift shopping for your friends and relatives this Diwali, how can you leave your dear pooch behind? After all, pets are your family, one of your dearly loved ones. They deserve something special, something luxurious and something you feel you are pampering them with. If you are on the lookout for such things, we at Waggfluence have some superb options to help you out. Browse through the website or choose from the ones we have picked for you.

Waggfluence electric cat massager- Your lazy feline might get stressed or bored just lazing around! Cats love to feel pampered and treated like royalty. This cat massager is just what you need to gift her for a relaxing feel. The versatile massager can be used on head, scalp, neck, back, and shoulders for a deep, relaxing sense. There are 10 different massage modes. Find the setting that is perfect for your feline. The electric cat massager is also great for stimulating hair growth and healthy scalp. So while your kitty is enjoying the massage, you feel happy that it is also grooming her well for a healthy and shiny fur coat.

Waggfluence purrfect long lasting cat scratch board and play toy- Nothing can beat the joy of a cat when it is gifted with a scratching board. Your cat is sure going to love this board which comes in three attractive colors. Give your cat some much needed fun exercise with this scratch board which has playing balls around its rim to keep it further engaged. The board is quite sturdy and perfect for long term usage. Place it in a spot which your kitty loves and see how well it spends its time on it, scratching and playing by itself.

Waggfluence pet orthopaedic foam bed- For aging dogs who suffer from arthritis or other orthopedic problems, nothing can come as a better gift than this. This foam bed is designed in egg crate foam pattern so as to provide relief to sore joints and bones as the dogs relax on it. You can use this foam bed in a dog cage, on your sofa, the back seat or the trunk of your vehicle. Your canine will thank you for this thoughtful gift as any kind of bone issue may result in a lot of pain. It is easy to maintain as the dog pads are removable and machine washable.

Waggfluence dog cat soft pet finger brush- This soft pet finger brush is the answer to your query of stubborn dogs not wanting to have their teeth cleaned. It is made of silicone material which is non toxic and healthy to use. Because of its feature to bend easily, it can be used effortlessly to complete its cleaning work all around. Your dog will not resist the usage of this brush as it is soft to the gums and quite simple to practice. After use, the brush can be hung to dry so that it avoids any breeding of bacteria. It comes in bright colors of rose red, pink, purple and green; so you have quite a variety to choose from.

Waggfluence travel dog car seat cover folding hammock pet carrier bag- For all of you who love to take your dog out with you when you are travelling by car, this pet carrier bag comes as a great savior. This seat cover is made of durable, eco-friendly materials and is designed to protect your car seat from dirt, hair, and other messes. It is quite spacious for your fur friend to sprawl on the seat while travelling. It is comfortable enough even for long rides, so your pooch is not going to complain spending long hours on the car seat. Gift your pet this hammock pet carrier bag and make travelling fun and exciting for both of you.

A lot of sale offers are going on for most products and this festive season is the best time to place your orders. Make your pet happy by pampering them with these pet luxuries and love the strengthening of the bond between the two of you. These and more pet essentials from Waggfluence are designed especially to cater to your pet needs and comfort. Order from the wide range of products and feel happy to see your pet all loved and joyful!

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