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Buy 1 Get 1 Waggle New Arrival - Magic Organ Cat Scratch Board

$79.99 USD Regular price $99.99
Color - 2 pcs - 24x24x10cm
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  1. Multi-Use and Entertainment: Our scratching board comes in flexible shapes with a round bell-shaped ball built into the middle of the scratching board, making a pleasant tinkling sound when rolling. It can be used as a bed, can be folded into a bone shape, one board is multi-purpose, and leisure and entertainment are integrated.
  2. Excellent Quality: The Board comes with high-quality environmentally-friendly corrugated paper, honeycomb encryption and thickening, tight gaps, strong and durable, not hurting the claws, not easy to deform, and can withstand severe scratches.
  3. Pet & Hooman Friendly: It can be used as a cat bed, can be scratched at will, make cats fall in love with grinding claws, no damage to furniture, no thorn pads, no one to play with, nowhere to grind claws
  4. Protect joints: This oval shape with an arc is specially designed for healthy paws, it is suitable for the grasping angle of cats when claws are sharpened, it will not damage the cushion, and at the same time protect the joints and release the cat - the characteristics of grasping people.
  5. Fulfill Your Cat's Natural Instinct: This oval curved pad is specially designed for healthy paws and fits the grasping angle of the cat's paw without damaging the pad while protecting the joints and releasing the cat's scratching characteristics.

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