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Waggle's Pet Backpack

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Product Details

The Waggle Pet Backpack offers a fun and stress-free way for you to explore the world with your pet by your side.

  • Lightweight Design: Crafted with ease of use in mind, this backpack is incredibly light, so it won’t add unnecessary weight, making it easier to carry your pet around.

  • Secure Closure: Equipped with a firm zipper, the bag keeps your pet safe and secure, preventing any escapes as you’re out and about.

  • Size: 11.5"L x 9.5"W x 18"H

Comfortable to Carry

The Waggle Pet Backpack combines simplicity with functionality, offering a durable, transparent design that ensures comfort and breathability for your pets. Perfect for safe and stylish traveling!

Breathable Comfort

The Waggle Pet Backpack is perfect for your furry friend's adventures! It features a zippered side window, nine ventilation holes, a built-in security lock, and an extra soft mat for comfort.

5-7 Days Delivery
Easy Returns
Secure Checkout

Clear View

The Waggle Pet Backpack makes traveling with your furry friend a breeze! Enjoy a transparent view for pets, easy carrying and breathable design for ultimate comfort on the go.

Air Purifier Spec


Great product. Excellent visibility for my cat - he loves going for walks. Easy to expand or fold back up for maximum feline comfort

Eduardo Moreno

This is such a conversation piece. Convenient, spacious, & a fashion statement.

Dashika R. Davis

I bought this for my grandkitty. My daughter lives in a city and is able to walk to her veterinarians office with her cat secured in the backpack. No complaints.


Is better than expected. I didn't think that my cat would be comfortable. He is an orange tabby weighing at 12lbs.


My cat loves to go out in this carrier I'm so happy we found it for her

 Marcos Cortez