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Waggle's Pet 78 Pcs First Aid Kit

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Be prepared for life's little emergencies with our Pet First-Aid Kit! This kit includes essential items to address minor cuts, scrapes, and other common pet ailments, allowing you to provide initial care until you reach a veterinarian. It's peace of mind knowing you can help your pet feel better faster.

Our FIRST AID KIT contains 72 pieces first aid supplies you need to be prepared for your pet in case of emergencies:

1 x Camo Bag
1 x Electric Pet Thermometer
1 x Scissors
1 x Tweeszer
1 x Emergency Blanket
1 x Splint
1 x Ice Bag
1 x Elastic Crepe Bandage(5cmx4.5m)
1 x First Aid Tape
1Pair x Vinyl Gloves
2 x Wooden Tongue Depressors
10 x Povidone-lodine Pads
10 x Sterile Non Woven Gauze Pads
10 x  Cotton Swabs
30 x Adhesive Dressings Bandages


Safety on the go

Our Pet First-Aid Kit provides peace of mind, ensuring you're prepared for minor bumps and scrapes, so your furry friend can keep exploring. It's a travel essential for any pet parent on the go!

Immediate Care

Minor wounds can wait for a vet visit, but immediate attention can minimize discomfort and prevent infection. Our First-Aid Kit equips you to address these situations immediately and the fun rolling!

5-7 Days Delivery
Easy Returns
Secure Checkout

Compact and Convenient

Designed for portability, our kit fits easily in a backpack, daypack, or travel bag. It's lightweight and small enough for even pets to carry ensuring you're prepared for the exciting journeys ahead.


This little dog medical kit bag came packed with everything you need for minor injuries for your dogs while camping or hiking. Bandages and cleaners, splints and ointments. Very happy with this purchase. Put this on our dogs vest so it’s always close to him when we are out.


This kit is good to have for any dog owner looking to bring their dog camping, on a hike, or to any outdoors event. It comes with everything you need to treat general injuries your pup my happen to get.


This pet first aid kit is great for traveling with your pets. It has everything you could possibly need in the event of a pet medical emergency. The bag can clip onto a leash and is easy to tote.


Maybe not absolutely necessary to have around home, but we're going to be traveling across the country by car with our dog later this summer, and this is a great kit to just toss in the back of the RV, just in case.

John Wikman

I love this first aid kit because it’s a perfect size for keeping in my car and then using when we go on short hikes, music festivals in our town, and to the lake. I like that it has everything you need for a variety of injuries a dog might get and you can provide immediate care.