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Waggle's 5 in 1 Pet Vacuum Grooming kit

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Make grooming sessions a breeze with the Waggle Pet Grooming Kit with Vacuum! Designed for your pet’s comfort and your convenience, this versatile tool is a must-have for any pet owner. Whether you have a dog, cat, or any furry friend, Waggle makes maintaining their neat appearance easy and hassle-free.

The 5-in-1 multifunctionality of the Waggle Pet Grooming Kit includes:

  • Grooming:Smooth, efficient brushing that captures loose fur directly into the vacuum.

  • Nail Clipping:Safe and precise clippers to keep your pet’s nails trim.

  • Hair Trimming:Adjustable trimmers to quickly cut through various fur lengths.

  • Low Noise Operation:Designed to keep your pet calm and relaxed during grooming using vacuum.



Our grooming tool is equipped with a vacuum feature, ensuring a clean, hair-free environment as you groom. Perfect for keeping your furry friends neat and your home spotless. Make grooming time a breeze with this efficient kit!

Tailored Grooming

Perfect for any fur type, this kit includes four different sizes of combs, ensuring a smooth and comfortable grooming session whether your furry friend has long or short hair. Keep your pet looking great and feeling happy!

5-7 Days Delivery
Easy Returns
Secure Checkout

Elegant Grooming

Featuring an elegant design, this kit ensures you can trim, style, and groom with ease. Best of all, its noise-free operation keeps your pet calm and comfortable throughout their spa day at home.


This helps alot with grooming and saves me a ton, I have three dogs and now I groom at home, works great!


A great way to groom both my cat and my dog. Love there is no messy hair to clean up afterwards


I like that it collects all the hair. Anyone who has a German Shepherd knows how much they shed.


I didn’t really expect this thing to be so great but it actually worked so well. I have a long haired dog and was able to shave him with three trips to the trash. It vacuumed up all the hair with no problem i loved it

Kalysta White

It has made grooming my furry friend so much easier and stress-free. The vacuum sucks away loose fur and dirt as I groom my dog, keeping my home clean and my dog's coat healthy and shiny

 Jason Echevarria