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Waggle's Pet Soothing Sleep Toy

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Treat your furry friend to the ultimate bedtime companion with the Waggle Pet Soothing Sleep Toy. Designed with your pet's comfort in mind, this plush toy is more than just a cute snuggle buddy.

  • Calming Sounds: Helps pacify pets with gentle, soothing tones.

  • Music: A selection of soft melodies to lull your pet into relaxation.

  • Ultra-Soft Fabric: Provides extreme comfort and cuddliness.

  • Rhythmic Breathing Movements: Mimics the comforting feel of lying beside a breathing companion, helping pets to calm down and drift off.


Soothing sleep

Our toy reduces anxiety and soothes your furry friend with its gentle, comforting presence. Perfect for nighttime cuddles, it's a must-have for pets that enjoy a cozy, tranquil rest.

Overcome separation anxiety

Designed to calm pets and ease separation anxiety, our sleep toy provides comfort and companionship when you're away. Crafted with empathy to provide companionship for pets experiencing distress when left alone.

5-7 Days Delivery
Easy Returns
Secure Checkout

Cozy feeling

Out toy offer a cuddly sensation and a comforting hugging feeling. This toy companion makes bedtime relaxing and enjoyable, ensuring your pet feels secure and loved, encouraging a deep, peaceful sleep every night.

Air Purifier Spec


It’s very effective in helping sooth and calm my sisters dog down

 Lisa Cohen

Used the this toy for awhile and now he is almost 2 and still carries snuggle puppy around. Easy to wash & not ripped apart! Def recommend.

 Mary E.

I bought this for my new puppy and I think it helped her with the transition from her mom and litter mates to a new home with one adult dog and me as mama. She did snuggle with it.

Patti Z

She’s on our bed nose to nose with her puppy. Love it.


When we got our 8 week old puppy we were concerned about separation anxiety and this really helped. He likes the heartbeat feature and fell asleep next to this the first week. He still likes this near and drags it around with him in and out of his crate. We’re glad we got this!