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Waggle's Portable Pet Seat

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Color - Grey
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Embark on Adventures Safely with the Waggle's Portable Pet Non Slip Seat with Belt.

  • Tailored for the safety and serenity of your beloved furry companion, this travel essential is a game-changer for pet parents everywhere.

  • Engineered with precision, its nonslip feature ensures unwavering stability, offering peace of mind on every twist and turn of the road.

  • Crafted for comfort, the plush padding provides a cozy haven for your pet to snuggle or snooze, making every journey a joyous experience.

  • Say goodbye to worries and hello to unforgettable moments with your furry co-pilot!

Material: Polyester

Dimension: Height 22* length 42* width 20cm

Max Weight: 0.52 ~ 0.61 kg

Safety: Non slip with Seat belt

Care Instruction: Hand Wash Only

Installing: Easy and DIY


Easy to Carry

Light weight and foldable, this pet car seat is perfect for on-the-go families, ensuring your pet's comfort is always within reach.

On-the-go comfort for your beloved pet!

Experience unparalleled comfort for your furry friend wherever you roam! Make every adventure memorable with comfort that never takes a back seat!

Free Shipping
Easy Returns
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Seat Belt for Ultimate Pet Safety

Equipped with a robust seat belt, it offers unmatched safety, keeping your beloved pet securely in place, no matter the road.


My toy poodles loves this car seat. We are 100% pleased with the quality as well.

Kimberly T.

My Yorkie loves her car seat. I can leave her in the seat in the grocery cart while I shop.

Colette E.

My baby Kobe loves his
New car seat

Pamela W.

Wonderful my Chihuahua sleeps in it when she is home

Sherry R.

I have a Yorkie and he loves it and it keeps him from roaming around the car!!!!!

Joy L.