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Waggle's Retractable Pet Safety Gate

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Color - Black
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Product Details

Keep your furry friends safe and secure with the Waggle Pet Safety Gate! Ensure your pet’s safety while maintaining easy access throughout your home with the Waggle Pet Safety Gate. Perfect for busy pet parents on the go!

Take a look at the Waggle Pet Safety Gate, a reliable barrier designed to keep your furry friends safe and sound!

  • Safety Locking Mechanism: Ensures that the gate stays firmly closed, giving you peace of mind that your pet won’t wander off into restricted areas.

  • Ease of Use: No complex installation needed! The gate can be set up quickly and without hassle, saving you time and effort.

  • One-Handed Operation: Perfect for when you've got your hands full but need to let your pet through. You can easily operate the gate with just one hand—super convenient!

Pet Safety

Our gate assures pet safety and gives you peace of mind by securely confining your pets to specific areas.

Easy to install

Designed with easy installation in mind our gate quickly fits into your doorways or hallways without any hassle.

5-7 Days Delivery
Easy Returns
Secure Checkout

Retractable design

This retractable gate blends seamlessly into any home decor and sturdier than you’d expect, it's the perfect solution for pet owners seeking safety.

Air Purifier Spec


We installed 2 easy to install, it keeps dogs out of areas when we ar gone for the day they work great would recommend.

Lee Hoss

I’m impressed with this gate. Works well for me blocking out my dogs. Nice looking also.

Tamara Mayes

We got this for the stairs so the dogs weren’t sneaking upstairs when we weren’t up there. Cat can still jump over it to get to his litter box as needed. Would recommend this for anybody wanting an easy install gate.

 Becky Rux

Works perfectly for blocking the bottom of our stairs from baby and dog. Sturdy.

 Andreyna Perez

I take care of doggies and they come in all small sizes, there are no slates to get their little heads stuck in, they can’t get under it and escape.