A toy a day keeps boredom away!

A toy a day keeps boredom away!

A toy a day keeps boredom away!

No matter how many toys you get for your dog, there are never too many. When you see your bundle of joy bounding in glee to welcome you, you do want to play with him for a while. What better way than to bond together with toys that he loves to play with. At Waggfluence , your trusted pet shop online, we know how much you want to see your furry friend happy. To add to this feeling, we have some toys to keep him waggling in delight.

Waggfluence dog snuffle carrot toy sets- This squeaky hide and seek plush toy is soft and filled with stuffing. There are pits in the carrots where you can keep food or treats and encourage your dog to dig them out. This will keep them busy for hours and at the same time keep them mentally agile. In addition to keeping them entertained the toy looks bright and beautiful too, so your dog is surely going to love it.

Waggfluence cute monster toy for dogs- This pet friendly squeaky toy is designed to resemble cute Disney characters and are great to reduce anxiety and loneliness of your furry baby. They can bite, play and cuddle it without you to worry about him swallowing any small parts. These are safe to use as they are made with laminated mesh lining and double stitching. Available in a variety of colours, they are sure going to make you both happy.

Waggfluence interactive chew toys for dogs- As pet parents we know how much you hate the destructive chewing habits of your fur baby. To keep them away from your shoes and furniture, this toy is right to keep them engaged for hours. These rope chew toys also help in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and massage its gums. So give them something worthwhile to chew on!

If you like these we are sure you love your pet and think of their hygiene and happiness at all times. Get these pet toys home to shower more on your furry baby.

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