Stylish accessories for your fido!

Stylish accessories for your fido!

Stylish accessories for your fido!

You do think your doggie is the handsomest of all, right? We agree with you on that front. When you take him out with you on a picnic or a get together, we know you want to add a bit of swag to his personality. A cool look is what we are all after, so why leave your furry friend behind. Waggfluence brings to you some cool accessories to give your doggie a super cool look. Let us make the star a superstar.

Waggfluence cool doggo  sunglasses- Let the onlookers exclaim in awe as you set out with your dog in these trendy sunglasses. They not only look awesome but are also very comfortable and safe to use. These sunglasses provide 100% UV protection, are shatterproof, waterproof, anti-fog, and shield your dog’s eyes from wind and debris. It comes with a chin strap to ensure that the sunglasses won’t fall off.

Waggfluence cosplay clothing for dogs- Cute as a button, you would want to fall in love once again with your fido when he is clad in this amazing costume. So when you are taking him out to some special place or for some special occasion, the look has got to be extraordinary too. It is for these days that you can decorate your dog in this clothing. Made of excellent quality polyester, these are durable and truly worthy of your dear friend.

Waggfluence anti slip dog socks- You always wish to take care of the smallest thing when it comes to your furry friend. These knitted socks are just an example of how much you pay attention to its every need. Protection from cold surfaces is not the only reason you should get them for your Fido. These will also make your four legged friend look more attractive because of the cartoon prints on it. Easy and comfortable to wear, these are available in a variety of colours and sizes for you to choose from.

Bowled over by the pet accessories you are getting at your favorite online pet store. We have much more to lure you with. Browse through and shop the best for your best friend.

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