Waggfluence Pet Camera

Waggfluence Pet Camera

Waggfluence Pet Camera

Your pet is most distressed when you are going out leaving him all alone. Nothing bothers them as much as the separation anxiety. It is said that pets’ greatest fear is being left alone. As pet lovers we know how much worried you are when you have to leave your pet at home for long hours. To diminish the pangs of separation, we have Waggfluence pet camera to view, talk and love your furry baby.

Waggfluence pet camera is a cute Wi-Fi camera with 1080p full HD. It has a 4X digital zoom with 120 degree view. So even when you are not at home you can give your pets a virtual company by talking to them through this camera. Its accurate night vision lens allows perfect monitoring in the dark as well, so you need not worry about the timings too. Since it is easy to set up and works through the WaggleCam App, it is perfect for all homes. Isn’t this much of a relief factor?

One interesting feature about this camera is that you can toss treats to your pet anytime remotely using the mobile app. So while you are talking to him, you can also toss treats and make him feel your virtual presence. Your pet is sure going to love this part of it. Apart from narrowing your absence unease that your pet must be feeling, this camera is great for safety purpose also. Now you need not fret whether your dog has hurt himself accidently or whether or not he has eaten his meal. This constant monitoring is a great relief on your part and a super gift from your pet’s view.

Designed with just all you pet parents in mind, we are happy to make you feel at ease with its installation. So view the details and get one home to make your life easier and your pets’ happier.


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