Cat grooming essentials

Cat grooming essentials

Cat grooming essentials

People say that the best part about having a pet is that it teaches you responsibility and fills a corner of your heart that you never knew was otherwise empty. While you learn to be a parent, irrespective of your age, you also feel proud to flaunt your pet just like any new parent. You love to pamper, play and groom it to perfection. We realize your kitty is your little princess and you want everything royal to groom her. Waggfluence brings you just the right grooming supplies to let your cat relax and feel loved.

Waggfluence cat grooming easy to clean brush is designed with a comfortable grip and anti-slip handle with a pumpkin design for a fun and relaxing massage. The strands are good bent wires designed and can groom the undercoat well without scratching your pet’s skin. Regular brushing with it calms your cat and helps improve blood circulation for a healthier and prettier it. It is also user friendly as just by the click of a button, the hair strands retract back into the brush. This makes it easy to remove all the hair from the brush making it ready for next use.

Waggfluence Panda 7 in 1 cat grooming comes with 7 cat accessories that you undeniably need if you own a pet. The kit includes cat nail clipper, nail file, relaxing massage brush, a hair brush with needles for removing hair, a deshedding comb to remove top coat debris and a rake comb. Available at an attractive price it includes all the kitten accessories that you needs in 1 box. All these are tried and tested, so you need not worry about its efficacy and worth. Try it and we bet you will be rewarded with that love look in those beautiful eyes as you pamper your furry kid with waggluence cat grooming essentials.

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