Are you ready for a play date with your fur baby?

Are you ready for a play date with your fur baby?

Are you ready for a play date with your fur baby?

If you are a dog parent, you must be well aware of the looks he gives you when you are a little too busy with your work. Drawing attention by being silly, nuzzling and licking you, pawing you and everything to seek some response comes easy and naturally to them. You know it is time to put away your work and enjoy some time with him. They love playing with you and you are left with no option but to bow to his demands. To make your play time more special, Waggfluence brings to you set of pet toys to have a real fun time together.

Waggfluence tough dog bone shaped chew toy is something your pooch will love. Dogs have a natural urge to chew to calm themselves. This chew toy helps them keep their teeth clean, reduce anxiety and eliminate boredom and barking problems. So while you are on laptop, give your baby something to chew on. Available in bright attractive colours, it sure is a perfect playmate for your canine.

Waggluence natural rubber chew is great for aggressive chewers. It is made of 100% natural rubber, is non-toxic, solid and durable. The center of the chew toy allows you to put in snack, kibble, peanut butter or other small treats. So while it keeps the dog mentally and physically active, this dog item also lures them to retrieve the tasty rewards.

Waggluence foldable dog snuffle ball is an excellent activity for your dog. Made of high quality, pet-skin friendly cloth, it is a good training product to enhance their brain agility. Its many deep collections are ideal to hide food between fabrics and your pet can sniff and find snacks from between the folds.

These and more such best pet toys at Waggluence are great gifts for your fur friend. While it is a stress relief for them it is also works as a stress buster for you as you see your pet busy and happy!

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