On a hike with your fido

On a hike with your fido

On a hike with your fido

You love those long walks with your dog by your side and your dog cannot wait for the time you get to spend together outdoors. It is one of the most tranquil times to be able to spend time with your four legged friend with whom you can share all your emotions without being judged. Okay, maybe you are not putting it into words but you know that your dog understands you more than you think it does. Such is the camaraderie and understanding between the two of you. At Waggfluence, we celebrate the bond between the two of you and wish to make this hike time all the more joyful.

Waggfluence Multifunctional dog leash is the only leash with five dog walking essentials built into it. It is great for the long walks as you can attach your collapsible bowl, bottle, dog leash and paw dispenser with it. The light weight and ergonomic non-slip handle are designed to be held for long periods without fatigue. Easy to lock and unlock, it is something both of you will love equally.

Waggfluence waterproof long leash for dog recall is specially designed for outdoor hiking and beach swimming. It is strong and suitable for big dogs as well. Easy to clean and maintain, it comes in attractive colours to further brighten up your day.

Waggfluence Rainy Day Savior dog raincoat is another product you definitely need for those long walks. It’s cold and water resistant material prevents your pet from getting cold and wet. Furthermore the reflective material lets pets be seen in the dark should you walk a trail that needs more visibility. Available in various sizes, personalised dog accessories are easy to order and get delivered at the click of a button.

Get set to take those long walks with your best friend and enjoy the beauty that life and nature has to offer. Let the fun unravel with each step!

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