Cat litter box and scooper

Cat litter box and scooper

Cat litter box and scooper

 Most cat parents don’t walk them outdoors when their pets need relieving themselves. This requires them to arrange for a suitable space and manage its cleanliness so that it is hygienic for next use. Cats by nature are cleanliness freaks themselves. That is why most cat parents observe that they tend to bury their poop or dirt by themselves if they can. Since they are your fur babies, it is your responsibility to provide them litter boxes and maintain its cleanliness. Ensure that the litter boxes are kept in a quiet and isolated area of the house to consider the privacy of your kitty. Waggfluence presents you some litter scooper and litter boxes to help you and your kitty.

  • Waggfluence new cat litter scooper- Since we are all hard pressed for time, anything that is convenient to use and saves time lures us to get it. This cat litter scoop is just that and is easy to operate with a convenient handle. It comes with a trash can and is large enough to hold a certain amount of cat litter. The litter bag can be placed directly and removed easily. The high quality plastic makes it durable and easy to clean.
  • Waggfluence portable travel litter box for cats and dogs- While on a trip or even indoors, having a litter box for your cat is always an essential pet stuff. This litter box is waterproof, foldable and portable to be carried to any camps or picnics. There is a guarantee of no water leakage so it is mess free and convenient to clean. The material used is high grade waterproof oxford fabric and can be folded into a small bag. It is just right for your cat or small dogs.

The litter box should be cleaned at least twice a day and any negligence would result in poop stench. This will make your cat reluctant to use it and so all the potty training that you have given will go waste. They may choose a non-allocated spot in the house to relieve and it will be more of a cleaning activity for you. A clean litter ensures a happy and healthy kitty and also a happy you for going through minimum cleaning time.

Your pet is your responsibility and their dependence on you for their daily activity makes you all the more committed towards fulfilling their needs. Waggfluence is here to help you with all of that so you utilize the time saved to spend with your dear pet. Keep loving both your pet and Waggfluence!

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