Groom your dog at home

Groom your dog at home

Groom your dog at home

Grooming and keeping your dog healthy and fresh at all times is necessary for the overall well-being of your fur baby. Taking him to a professional pet groomer on regular intervals can be a safe and good option but it is also expensive and cumbersome. Some dogs get anxious when they have to visit a vet and under these circumstances it is best for you to learn some dog grooming tips. Not only will it save money and time, but it will also help the two of you bond better. All you need are some tools and some patience with your fur baby.

  • Waggfluence must have dog hair de-shedding brush- Dog’s hairs tend to get tangled or matted especially if they have slightly long furs. This pet grooming brush works as a great detangling comb, an undercoat rake comb or de-shedding rake. It has sharp curved blades to quickly cut the knots without scratching pet skin. It is ultra-durable and easy to clean thereby making it a wise buy.
  • Waggfluence dog and cat shampoo massager- The shampoo massager can be used for bathing, hair removal and massage, giving your pet a very comfortable and relaxing bath. It is made of high grade silicone, is non-toxic and environmental friendly. The soft brush bristles can massage the skin to improve blood circulation and is good for the shine of the coat and hairs. It is safe to be used on pets with normal or sensitive skin as long as you control the force well with the anti-slip design on the side of the brush.
  • Waggfluence quick drying pet dog and cat water absorbing soft fiber towels- After a bath the fur and coat of your pet needs to be dried quickly so as to not leave any moisture in there which may cause itchiness of skin later on. These water absorbing towels have strong water absorption capacity and work well to dry the pets. It can be then wringed out and hung up for the next use.
  • Waggfluence panda 7 in 1 cat and dog grooming kit- Long nails interfere with the pet’s gait, making walking awkward or painful. So they must be kept trimmed for the feet to remain healthy. The dog and cat nail clippers and nail file are perfect for all pets and are curved to follow the natural contour of the pet’s nails. Clip only the hook-like part of the nail that turns down or you will end up cutting a blood vessel inside the nail.


During your grooming session, check your dog for ticks and fleas and clean his ears using a damp cloth. These vet approved pet essentials at Waggfluence help you take care of your fur baby with minimum dent on your wallet. For more pet stuff you can always give us a try. Have a nice day!


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