Celebrate Christmas with your pets

Celebrate Christmas with your pets

Celebrate Christmas with your pets

Most of us think of our pets as family, best friend or most loyal confidante. While celebrating Christmas with friends and family is customary, spending Christmas with your pet can also be a rejuvenating experience, especially if you have been feeling guilty of having very little time together in the last few weeks. Waggfluence thinks it is a brilliant idea to be able to spend the day with your pet and the evening with your human mates. If you are wondering how to make the most of your time with your fur pal, we have a few suggestions you could consider.

Take your pet for an outing- Being able to spend time outdoors with you could be a welcoming change and probably the best gift for your fur baby. Take them out to explore the neighborhood and the streets and shops adorned with Christmas lights. The last minute shopping expeditions with your pet could also be a good idea because pets usually love exploring stores. If you want something unique, plan an outing with them on a sledge in the snow to give them the real life ‘Rudolf the reindeer’ feel. Alternatively a group outing with your friends who also happen to be pet parents could be a good idea. Take care to introduce your pets to the other pets well before hand so that they are not new to each other. Their getting along well would only determine the success of such an outdoor picnic.

Lights, camera and action- Memories are the only things that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, your pet will not be around for many years and having a photo session each Christmas could be a great idea to have a compilation of those happy memories with your fur pal. Make the best of these photo shoots by adding novel twists to it each year. It could be twinning in red with your furry friend or having them dressed in cute clothing and accessories. Wouldn’t it be a great picture if you dressed up in Waggfluence Christmas cuddle unisex hoodie and your fur friend in Waggfluence Christmas dress up cloak costume. Make your pet your Santa by making him wear Waggfluence Christmas small plush Santa hat. Cherish these moments together and make happy memoirs of Christmas days year after year.

Stay indoors and cook, bake, watch movies together- Staying at home could be a fun and relaxing way to spend Christmas with your dear fur friend. Make them treats which are both tasty and healthy for them. Have a meal together and relish the home cooked savories. Have a movie date and watch animal oriented or cartoon films that both of you enjoy. Some quiet and quality time together with your fur friend beside you could work wonders to rejuvenate and revitalize the two of you. Your pet will thank you for the lovely hours and that will be so visible in his eyes, his gestures and his whole body language. Use this time to strengthen the bond and we assure you that it is going to be an everlasting gift for you.

Be your pets’ secret Santa- You love your pet and it is time to show it pompously. Bring him loads of gifts and surprise him with all that you think could set his tail wagging for hours. Toys, clothing, mats and beds, bowls and feeders or anything that you deem fit could be on the list. We recommend you to try Waggfluence warm dog clothes for small dogs to keep him warm and looking lovely all winter. For that extra swagger, go for Waggfluence cool doggo sunglasses which will make him look like a boss and also shield his eyes from wind, debris, harsh sunlight or fog. Gift your pet warm and comfortable beds this Christmas. These will come in quite handy especially if they are aging as it will help to soothe their tired bones and muscles. Waggfluence soft big warm dog bed or Waggfluence washable calming bed could be great options. The big bag of goodies for them will excite them no end and how elated you would feel at their sudden joy!

Christmas is a time that calls for endless merrymaking and why should humans have all the fun! With these ideas, we are sure you could easily include your furry friends in the festive celebration and exuberance. Let the holidays bring paramount joy for all. Merry Christmas!

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