Myths and facts about rabbits

Myths and facts about rabbits

Myths and facts about rabbits

At the very mention of rabbits, you relive the memory of your favourite cartoon character, the smart Bugs Bunny. Like Bugs Bunny, all rabbits are cute and adorable. But there are many things that normally people do not know about them. This is to clear the many misconceptions about rabbits and for all the potential rabbit parents to know before you bring one home. It has been observed that rabbits are the most abandoned pets just because people have little knowledge about them and their lifestyle requirement. Waggfluence loves animals and feels distressed if they are mistreated or abandoned in miserable conditions. Let us know more about rabbits and the myths associated with them.

Myths about them

They are happy alone- Rabbits are as much social animals as dogs or cats. They love to play and have fun with their human parent. In general, they love affection and being pampered. Running around in the open, monitored by you comes as a great happiness to them. They also like to stay in groups or at least pairs. In case you are planning to have them as pets, consider having at least two if you can. Being alone is not something rabbits look forward to.

No grooming sessions required- Just like in dogs and cats, we need to groom our pet rabbits too. To keep their fur clean and to give it a massage, you may consider using Waggfluence cat grooming pet hair deshedding brush massage glove. For complete care kit we present Waggfluence cat and dogs grooming brush grooming to softly brush the hair and the coat of rabbits and help them to relax. Leaving your pet rabbit dirty and unkempt is not only unhygienic but leads to a host of skin and hair diseases.

They like to be cuddled- Unlike dogs and cats, they do not like to be cuddled. This is because they are originally prey animals which were hunted down by carnivores in the wild. Their instinctual habit is to break away from embrace as they might see it as a threat to their being. Having said this, it is important to note that some rabbits may like human touch. You could gently pat them or kiss them without being overly excited. To engage them, you could try Waggfluence hideaway tunnel toy for small pets to make them happy.

They are low maintenance pets- Like all pets they need their share of love and care from their human parents. You would have to refill their food and water bowls at least thrice a day. Rabbit always seem to be hungry and they will rankle around you until you feed them. That is why you have to be actively involved as a rabbit parent and you cannot leave them alone for long durations. Consider having a pet rabbit only when you think someone will be around during the day to feed and fill their water bowls. To protect them during winters you might need warm clothes and mats to keep them safe. Waggfluence warm fleece mats for small pets and Waggfluence warm winter hoodie sweater for cats can be useful buys.

They don’t like to play- It is true that rabbits are not as energetic as puppies. Still, it remains a fact that they too require muscle training like dogs, though not all that vigorous. They love to run with their human parent and will follow your hands to play around inanimate objects. Waggfluence has some great rabbit toys to help you choose from. Try Waggfluence rabbit chew toys to satiate their natural urge to chew. Waggfluence wooden chew toys for small pets, good for teeth and digestion for rabbits, is another great option to bring home for your Bunny. As rabbit care giver, you will have to rabbit proof your house to prevent any mishap.

They should be caged always- If you are busy and leave your Bunny caged for long hours, they begin to exasperate and feel nauseous. It is also brutal to keep them enclosed in a small space for long durations. Rabbits need to roam about and play in the open. In case you need to keep them caged, go for bigger playpens so as to not make them feel claustrophobic. Waggfluence DIY pet playpen fence is a good one to go for.

They have a short lifespan- Some people bring home a pet rabbit because they feel that a maximum of four years would be all they need to care for them as they have a short lifespan. This is a great myth as rabbits live on an average up to seven to eight years and could touch even twelve if you are caring enough.

If you are one who had been carrying myths about rabbits, it is time you set your knowledge metre straight. Knowing about them before adopting makes you a much better rabbit parent and you go on to develop a deep bond with the fur ball. It would be soon that you realise that rabbits are amazing pets to have. They will delight and warm your heart and it would be sheer pleasure to see that they reciprocate the same love that you shower on them. If you decide to bring a rabbit home, we at Waggfluence are here to help you in this journey of rabbit parenting. The toys, blankets, cute little warm clothing and accessories are here to help your Bunny grow happily and healthy. Much love to your Bunny from all of us here at Waggfluence!

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