Enhance your mental well-being with pets

Enhance your mental well-being with pets

Enhance your mental well-being with pets

Love is the greatest healer of all times. The power of love is infinite; it can transform any illness into wellness. If you have a pet, you are aware of the most powerful form of love: unconditional, truly selfless and absolutely eternal. This mental health month of May, we at Waggfluence are grateful for the presence of such lovely beings in our lives who have showered so much joy on us that it is difficult to imagine life without them. They walk us into a world of absolute bliss.

Pet owners will vouch for the fact that no matter how much worry in your life, your pet succeeds in nullifying all of it with its mere presence. A joyful run from your pet to welcome you after a hard day’s work relieves you all of stress and tiredness. Studies have corroborated this fact by establishing that time spent with animals naturally increases the production of oxytocin which is a calming endorphin to improve relaxation and trust.

If you are a pet parent you know that they ease loneliness to a great degree.

They make you laugh and infuse a sense of responsibility in us which is so vital for a toned up mental health. Lots of doctors recommend having a pet for patients dealing with anxiety or depression. They work as a natural stress reliever by improving your immune system. Pets make great friends and also help to socialize. When you walk your pet, you become friends with fellow pet-walkers and develop a bonding of common interests. To top it all you have your daily dose of running and walking with him which works great for your blood pressure levels, cholesterol abnormalities and weight loss.

Pets are great companions and their love the greatest medicine. This month of mental health, let us say a thank you to our pets, our soul-mates, our emotional anchors, and our link to paradise. No wonder they say, “My therapist has paws and a tail.”

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