Anti-hairball kit

Anti-hairball kit

Anti-hairball kit

Any cat parent will tell you how unpleasant hair balls are both for them and their pet. Hairballs develop as a result of your cat’s healthy and fastidious grooming routine. When your cat grooms itself, tiny hook-like structures on their tongue catch loose and dead hair which is then swallowed and forms a hairball in stomach. This may cause intestinal problems if not vomited to get rid of it. Apart from the cat’s uneasiness, it is also disgusting for the parent who cleans it.

A simple solution to the problem is lesser hair ingestion by the cats. For this it is advisable to brush off loose hairs every day from their coats, so that even when they lick themselves there are little or no loose hairs getting into their intestinal tract. Waggfluence brings you a combo kit of three specialized cat stuff to fight this problem and ensure a happy purring baby of yours.

  • Waggfluence cat and dogs grooming easy to clean brush- This brush comes with a pumpkin design to give your cat a fun and relaxing massage without scratching its skin. Regular brushing helps in removing loose hair and is an effective way to minimize hairballs. It is a great way to bond with your pet too as you get to have some quality time together.
  • Waggfluence cat grooming pet hair deshedding massage glove- This glove is so easy to use and a fast way to groom your cat on a daily basis. Its soft rubber material ensures a gentle massage with losing loose strands of hair without irritating the skin. Less loose hairs surely means less hair ingested while your cat licks its coat.
  • Waggfluence anti hair ball bowl with angled stand- Much of the hair ingested by your cat passes all the way through the digestive tract with no problems. In case of digestive issues, the hairballs form in the stomach. To ward off digestive disorder, it is imperative that the eating habits of your pet be monitored. This bowl with stand tilted at 15 degrees makes it comfortable for cats to eat and drink from the bowl, thereby preventing any digestive issues. The non-toxic material and easy to clean makes it all the more reasonable to buy.


Get this anti hairball kit if you are looking for cat grooming supplies to hear the loving meow today and always!

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