Sleep tight, fur baby

Sleep tight, fur baby

Sleep tight, fur baby

You love your Fido energetic and happy, right? Like humans, dogs need their share of rest time peaceful and comfy. So that when they are done with their nap hours they are brimming with their excited chase and running around. This is what you want as a dog parent; a joyous bounding baby ready to spread their infectious energy around. To ensure a good rest, it is important to take care of their sleeping essentials. Waggfluence presents some cute and comfortable dog cots and pet supply which would make a good buy for your furry kiddo.

Waggfluence convert your sofa into a dog bed is the one of the most practical solutions for a napping dog. It can be used in the rear seats of cars or placed on seats and furniture. The bed can also be rolled up and taken on your outdoor travels. The surface fleece is durable and claw-resistant with raised edges for a comfortable neck and head support.

If you have a small dog or a pup, Waggfluence dog banana bed is a must-buy for you. As cute as your little one, it is super comfortable for your fur baby. It comes with a soft plush quality with an elastic sponge to provide just the right bouncy feel to the bed. Imagine what a great picture it will make on your social account, your little baby snuggling in that cute banana bed.

At Waggfluence we know how much your dog loves to travel with you. To maintain your car neatness, it is good to get home the Waggfluence car SUV waterproof portable liner which provides total protection for your vehicle’s trunk floor and sidewalls from paw prints, scratches and dirt. It can easily be installed and removed by two adjustable buckles and is foldable when not in use.

Let the magic of sleep awaken your desire to get these comfy beds home for your fur friend! We are the best online pet store as you can see.


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