As pet parents we know how much we love to talk about them. We love their activities, we mark their growth, and we love to show off their newly acquired skill and so on and forth. Many of us love to share their pictures with friends and fellow pet parents. What if we tell you that this could be an opportunity to earn some rewards as well? You heard that right. Share your pet pictures and write-ups with us to be a Waggfluencer.

At Waggfluence, we would love to hear and see tales of your pet and know about their grooming and training regimen. Your stories could get featured on our platform and think of the number of audience you could target. The pictures and details that you had been sharing with your friends till now becomes one to be seen and followed by fellow pet parents or just pet lovers. When told in an interesting way, your pooch or kitty becomes a celebrity in no time!

When and if you become a Waggfluencer, you start earning points with us. You get a chance to get free products and rewards for your pets. Pet supplies, their grooming kits, playing sleeping and other pet stuff becomes available to you on discount or absolutely free. There are also some interesting collaboration opportunities of which you would be made aware once you sign up to be a member. Basically, it is earning rewards for something you love to do- flaunting your little four-legged baby.

Your furry baby is special to you. Just unlock a few gates to turn him into a star. You have no idea how many of us are waiting to hear about them!

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