Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Ever since you have brought your pet home, you love to spend every bit of your spare hours with him. You care for him, you worry if you feel anything amiss with him, you feed him, take him on walks and to vets. In short you feel like you are his father. You most definitely are because your fur baby thinks just alike. He looks up to you for all his needs and knows you are there to take his responsibility. This father’s day a shout out to all you pet fathers for being so awesome and just one-of-a kind. You deserve much more than just a pat on your back and we at Waggfluence want to surprise you with great deals on pet stuff just to extend our love on your thoughtful gestures.

As much as you would love to pamper your fur baby we would like to partner you in your efforts. A lot of pet essentials are on sale for 50%; so if things on your wish list were slightly over the budget, now is the best time to buy. Surprise your kiddo and bask in the happiness of seeing them wagging in cheerfulness and joy.

If you are not a pet father but would love to acknowledge the efforts of friends who are, here is a gift straight from the heart. Waggfluence Father’s day gift cards are just what they would be touched to receive. Make the celebration even more memorable for them by saying how special he is for holding the little paws in his hand and making the world a much loved and better place to be in. You can also contribute to animal shelters and rescues in need by being a father to the innocent fur babies. Being a provider is no less than being a care giver.

Although your pet has probably no idea that this is a special day, we are sure he hugs and wags to express his love all throughout the year. Your love is what keeps him going and vice-versa. A heart felt thank you note on behalf of all the pets to all you adorable fathers on this day. You are the world’s greatest dad. Happy Father’s Day!

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