Pre-prep for Independence Day for Pet Parents

Pre-prep for Independence Day for Pet Parents

Pre-prep for Independence Day for Pet Parents

Independence Day is round the corner and although we love our country all the year round, this is the time to brandish it with pride. There are numerous ways to celebrate the day. Whether you opt to go for a fireworks show or head to a parade or celebrate with friends and family over a BBQ, there always remains the question of what you are wearing for the day. While we have rounded up a few ideas for your pets in the earlier blog, this one is for your dressing and style. After all you would want to twin with your pet in your favourite blue, red and white! Let’s go!

  • Dog bless America 4th of July long sleeve unisex shirt- Show your love for your country and sport your love of being a dog parent, both at once as you get set to celebrate the day in this unisex T- shirt. Available in red and black, the T- shirts are made of 100% cotton fabric with taped neck and shoulders and double-needle bottom hem. You will love this one both for the flag of America and the words on it.
  • Cat lover USA lips unisex T- shirt- The army green T- shirt is soft, lightweight, comfortable and flattering for all. What you will love about this is the lips pattern sporting the USA flag and the words which speak of you being a cat parent or maybe just a cat lover. Wear this on the Independence Day to show you love and care for your country and your pet as well.
  • Dog bless America tote bag- If you are one who loves to celebrate the day with patriotic fervor but shies in brandishing that on your clothes, this tote bag is just right for you. Displaying America flag in a cute bow, the words speak of your love for your pet.
  • Dog bless America neck gaiter- This neck gaiter with a four way stretchable fabric is a versatile piece of accessory and can be used as a face covering, headband, bandana or neck warmer. Flourishing the American flag, it is a cute accessory to be worn on the Independence Day.


Whatever your choice of way to wear all or any of these, it would be great if you could twin it with your pet. Walk in coordinated outfits or accessory with your pet on the big day to showcase your patriotism in unison. These make great ideas for gift purpose also and so do not shy in ordering these for your friends or family. Place your order now for a timely delivery. May there be lots of love in your life always!

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