Is your dog not eating

Is your dog not eating

Is your dog not eating

As pet parents who dote on their furry kids, it can be very distressing to see them lose appetite for any reason whatsoever. It does not matter whether you are a new parent or have been for years, your dog not eating well leaves you worried and in stress. There are several reasons that contribute to this and it is important to first diagnose the cause and then plan the treatment. At Waggfluence, we know a sick pet means an unhappy you and that is something we take upon ourselves to try to make things right. Let us first understand how to judge a dog’s appetite.

Sometimes the guidelines stated on the food may lead you to believe that your dog is eating less. But it has been observed that most healthy dogs eat only 60%-70% of the amount stated on the packaging. Concern should only arise if you notice changes in your dog’s eating habits. This may be a sign of sickness, especially if he is exhibiting other symptoms too. In such cases it is best to consult a vet to identify the root cause. Eating disorders may also be a result of dental diseases including broke or loose tooth, gingivitis, and even an oral tumor. Recent vaccination for several contagious diseases may also be a cause of temporary loss of appetite.

Dogs are very emotional creatures. Moving them to a new location can make them nervous and distraught and it could be a reason for loss in their appetite. If you have been travelling, some dogs may get motion sickness and they might not feel like eating well. If there are behavioral problems like may be a death in the family or a new pet in the house making them uncomfortable, they need your love and care more than ever to adjust to the new situation.

If the reasons for loss in appetite are purely medical, listen to your vet and give your dog the prescribed medicines to get better. For other reasons make efforts from your end to make his meal time more fun. Cut back on treats, take him on a walk before meal time, feed them on a regular schedule, and try new and exciting food bowls or a different kind of food which may be stimulating to their palate. You may also try a toy that dispenses food making it a play time more than strictly a meal time. Waggfluence dog sweaky snuffle mat or Waggfluence interactive natural rubber pet tooth cleaning and treat dispenser ball may be great purchase for you.

Waggfluence cares for your pets just as much as you do. Your trust keeps us motivated to go to greater lengths to ensure that we remain your favorite online pet supplies store.

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