Is your pooch ready for monsoon

Is your pooch ready for monsoon

Is your pooch ready for monsoon

The pitter-patter of raindrops never ceases to amaze us with its beauty and melody. Monsoon comes as a refreshing end to the harsh summer days and welcoming it with open arms comes easy to all. However, the season brings its share of infectious germs via dirty water and puddles. Since germs thrive best in humid weather, monsoon brings a whole load of diseases to be careful of. It is also the time when pets are most vulnerable to infections and so as pet parents we need to be super careful and alert. Waggfluence brings you a check list to take care of and subsequently enjoy the rains with a healthy and happy pet.

Tick fever is quite common among dogs during this season. It is therefore best to keep your dog away from tick-infested areas. Giving them anti-tick baths or also spray with natural tick repellent sprays like neem water. Most dogs have the habit of licking every surface. During monsoon that means ingesting germs as well. Drinking dirty water from puddles when on a walk or in the backyard makes them prone to stomach bugs. To prevent this, keep your pooch well hydrated so it is not tempted to drink filthy water. Once inside, clean their paws and dry them up before they start licking them. If they get wet in the rains, dry them quickly. Keep some Waggfluence quick drying pet dog and cat water absorbing soft fiber towels handy for such times. Using a raincoat also comes in useful in this season. Try going for Waggfluence rainy day savior dog raincoat for best and most effective results. 

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Keeping a tab on his diet is also very important not only during monsoon but all the year round. A dog with greater immune system is less prone to catching cold or other infections. Give them a high fiber, fresh food diet in monsoon to keep diseases at bay. A balanced diet and clean drinking water in clean bowls goes a long way in ensuring their fitness and strength.

Grooming your pets well and regularly is also an important aspect to take care of. Unclipped nails may be a site for dirt and germs which the dogs may ingest while licking their paws. Similarly long fur may house ticks and germs so it is best to get them trimmed before the arrival of monsoon. Regular brushing, dental care, inspection of ears for any bugs can ensure a safe and healthy season for your fur baby.

Since the weather is humid, keep their bed dry at all times because a moist one may house germs that causes infections and cold. For all pet supplies you need this season, Waggfluence is what you need to log on to for best dog food and dog grooming kits. Cuddle with your pooch in a cosy space and enjoy the rains!

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