KYC- Know Your Canine

KYC- Know Your Canine

KYC- Know Your Canine

Your pooch is one of its kind and there is no one like him. We agree with you on this point, but there are certain common behavioral patterns in dogs that we as pet parents have no clue about. If you have ever wondered when he exhibits a certain bizarre behavior about the reasons behind it, you are not alone. Let us know our canine bigger and better.

  • Chasing their tails- We all have seen dogs spinning in circles chasing his tail a lot of times. This is a natural playful activity that most dogs indulge in. However, excessive tail chasing can be a sign of a health and behavior problem. A constant and intense chasing could be due to obsessive-compulsive disorder. An OCD might not be common in dogs but you cannot rule that out either. If your dog is chewing at its tail, there are chances that he might be having a problem with his skin or anal glands. Talk to your vet if tail chasing is becoming a thing of concern for you.
  • Excessive barking- Of course barking is a vocalization option in dogs and all dogs bark to communicate with you or fellow dogs. It only becomes a concern when the barking or howling becomes incessant and non-stoppable. Excessive barking could be a sign of distress or boredom or some kind of underlying issue. Separation anxiety is also one of the reasons that cause continuous barking. Talk to your vet if things become alarming and neighbors start complaining.
  • Humping- Embarrassing as it may be, humping is not always sexually motivated. Sometimes dog hump or mount each other or people just as a playful activity. It could also be to seek attention or assert dominance over others. Since this is also very common among dogs, it needn’t be a thing of concern unless it gets excessive. Engage your dog in playing or other activity to distract him when he starts humping to show this is an unacceptable behavior.
  • Digging- We are sure you have felt anger a lot of times seeing your dog dig up your yard. This could be a sign of boredom or anxiety or also to hide their toys in case they feel threat to their possession. Digging could also be to find a cooler spot underground and that means your dog is too hot to be outdoors at that time. Try to distract him by playing games whenever he shows an attempt to begin digging.
  • Licking people- This is a way to express their love to people. It is also done to seek attention and ask people to reciprocate showing affection by patting them. If you or your guests don’t mind their licking, it is probably okay. But if you do you can train him to obey your command and then reward him when he stops licking.


It is good to know your dog and you will gradually get to understand their language if you have been their parent for long. You can be the best judge when you find it normal and when you think it is getting excessive. Consult your vet when you think things are getting out of hand and needs assistance. For all pet queries and pet supplies Waggfluence assures you of being your best mates, second only to your pet.


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