Pet Smart home

Pet Smart home

Pet Smart home

Just as we have smart televisions, smart locks, and smart phones so do we have the option of having smart homes. Especially if you have pets at home and you leave them behind to go out on work or run some errands without them, you must consider making your home a smart one. In this age of advance technology it is very easy to make things more convenient for both you and your fur baby. At Waggfluence we care for your pet and we care for your concern regarding their safety. That is why we present you some products which can save you the everyday hassles of being physically present for your fur friend and make virtual monitoring a reality.

Waggle pet camera and treat tosser- This Wi-Fi pet camera is an answer to all your worries of leaving behind your pet at home. Easy to install with a two minute set-up time, this is a multifunctional camera that has a 4X digital zoom with 120 degrees view. You can talk to your pet in real-time and give them company. For pets who suffer more from separation anxiety or pets newly adopted, this camera is a savior. To make them more relaxed and comfy and to give them a feeling that they are not alone, this product is just what you need. For pets that are hyperactive and tend to be destructive when you are not around, it gives you a chance to monitor them and cajole them to stop whatever damaging activity they are engaged in. In short, it is your one step friend and guide to stress free parenting of pets.

If you wish to reward your pet, the camera is designed to toss yummy and crunchy treats to them. You can do that remotely just by using the mobile app. Call out to your pet and watch him feel happy as the camera tosses treat to him. Since the camera has accurate night vision lens, you can perfectly monitor your pet in the dark. No more worries now if you are keeping up late in the office and worried about monitoring him in the dark. The top-notch quality has no room for failures and hence you are relaxed after its installation.

A one stop solution to your worries, Waggfluence is here to cater to all of them. Feel the exhalation of being a pet parent minus the worries that come with it. Associate yourself with us for buying pet supplies and getting answers to all your queries. We love a happy you and a happy four legged buddy of yours!

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