How to stop your dog from eating grass

How to stop your dog from eating grass

How to stop your dog from eating grass

Grazing on grass is one of the common weird behaviors of canines. Their love for nature or their playtime out in the open for some fun time can soon change into their urge to snack on the lawn. While the reasons may vary from boredom to lack of fibre in their food, eating grass is not something conducive to their health. Pet parents worry about how to stop their pooch from grass eating as it leads to an upset stomach or the danger of their ingesting small insects or pesticides along with grass. At Waggfluence we love your concern for your furry friend. So we have rounded up a few ideas to stop your pet from eating grass.

Break their focus- It is the nature of dogs to get fixated on an activity, especially if there is chewing involved. So if grazing on grass is becoming a regular action, make some effort to redirect their attention. Give them a command they already know or do something that he likes.

Take treats out on walk- While on a walk with your fido, if you notice a particular location where he starts munching grass, be prepared beforehand. Carry some goodies with you to distract his attention. If you keep him excited about getting a treat in return for listening to your command, you can get him distracted from eating grass.

Make sure they have good nutrition- Sometimes dogs eat grass because their diet may be lacking adequate supplements. If their food is not providing enough fiber, they can crave an increase of substance which can explain eating grass. Make sure that their food contains specific proportions of vitamins and minerals and check with your vet for relevant dog food. Alternatively, you may try giving them a snack of fresh and diced carrots or boiled beans to replete their vitamin intake. If this was the reason, you may notice your dog less inclined to eat grass after change in pattern of their diet.

Add fun time to relieve boredom- It is not uncommon to see dogs eating grass out of boredom. Keep him happy and active to ward off this habit of his. While in your lawn or backyard or a park, carry some balls or Frisbee to engage him constructively. Once your dog is active and bouncing, he will forget about eating grass and be happier chasing balls or catching Frisbees.

Ask your vet- Grass eating isn’t a big deal and it is a habit most pet parents complain of. But if it is getting excessive or if the habit is becoming an object of concern for you, you may seek professional advice. So if you are unsure of a health issue with your dog, excessive grass eating could be a symptom of an underlying medical concern. Ask your vet to make sure all is well.

Dogs like to do things their way and it should not bother you if the habit of grass eating is not compulsive or excessive. Enjoy your job of pet parenting with us being always by your side. We love being your friends just as much as you love your furry friend!

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