Why does my dog stink?

Why does my dog stink?

Why does my dog stink?

Hugging your dog is an emotion and expression of camaraderie that both of you love most. Cuddling and smooching is something that comes naturally to all pet parents. But when your dog stinks, the shirking away from this bond is somewhat of a guilt on your end. Even after regular baths it is not uncommon to hear about foul-smelling dogs. So if you worry about this, you are not alone in the bracket. To know about the probable reasons and to ward off the problem, we at waggfluence are here to help you deal with it,

Dental reasons- Majority of pets over the age of three suffer from dental issues. Brushing their teeth is not easy and most pet parents do away with this dirunal routine. Regular eating of wet meal forms sticky plaque which accumulates on your pet's teeth slowly hardening into cement like tartar. Plaque and tartar are breeding place of bacteria which leads to infections and gingivitis. While a slight odour is normal for pets, if the smell is excessively stinky it could be a reason of diseased tooth, oral tumour or underlying dental infection.

Kidney disease- In situation with pets where they are unable to eliminate waste products from the bloodstream, their breath smells with an ammonia like stinge. If you notice an increase in thirst and urination of your dog, it could indicate a possible underlying kidney disease. The limitation in flushing out toxins from the body can lead to build up of poisonous matter in the body and the pet may feel nauseous.

Skin infection- English bulldogs, pugs or other breeds of dogs with wrinkly skin are prone to developing skin fold dematitis. This is a stinky skin disorder which occurs because of close skin contact. Because of folded skin creating a warm moist environment, it is a ground of growth of surface microbes such as bacteria and yeast. This can cause skin infections and allergies leading to a stinky skin.

Flatulence- On occasion when your pet's diet does not agree with their gastrointestinal system, they may suffer from the problem of flatulence. This may be a reason of foul smelling dog even after keeping all other things in a hygenic order. Sometimes it becomes a thing of concern if it is accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.

Other than this smelly dogs could also be due to inherent problems like diabetes or ear infections. All these problems are curable and a visit to your vet may alleviate you of all these troubles. So the next time your dog smells weird or rotten, you know it is one of these reasons and you can get alert to think of ways to get rid of it. At Waggfluence we care for the well being of your dog and a happy love bond between the two of you. Keep cuddling and keep embacing your pet today and always.

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