Pet training bell toy for cats and dogs

Pet training bell toy for cats and dogs

Pet training bell toy for cats and dogs

Pet training is one thing that all pet parents look up to. It is not an easy task to train your pet for all its daily activities. While pet training should start at an early age to make things more a habit than learning, it is never too late to begin. You might consider seeking help from a training professional to help your dog learn its ways. Alternatively, you can guide your pet to do the same with the help of some training gadgets and tools. There are a lot of interactive pet toys in the market to sharpen your pets’ brain and increase its IQ level. Waggfluence is committed to getting all that is new on the block available for you to buy and use. One such toy is Waggfluence trendy pet training bell toy for cats and dogs.

Train your dogs or cats to summon you or inform you about its activities using this bell toy. The bell toy is suited to be used by them since it has flat and wide buttons on the top. The training bell is made of steel and ABS plastic and has a cute paw print on it. Teach your puppy or kitten to hit the flat button with its paw or nose to ring when it wants to go out or play with you or maybe is hungry or thirsty. You can potty train them by teaching them to press the bell when they need to relieve themselves. The ringing of the bell is clear but not sharp; so it will draw your attention but not sound shrill and harsh to your ears.

The bell toy is available in a variety of bright colours to catch the attention of your paw friend. To teach them take up your pet’s front paw and put it on the bell. Reward him with a treat when he presses it without your support. Then teach him to use it as a summon button for you. When it rings the bell, make sure you come up to him and try to find out what it needs. Your response will encourage them to use it whenever it wants or needs something.

This bell toy can also be used as desk call bells for stores, restaurants, bars and hotels. It has a paint finish and prevents rust which is why you should consider buying it more. The durability ensures value for money.

This is one of the quickest and best ways to start your pup or kitten training and that too at a very reasonable price. If your pet shows an eagerness to learn, then you can gradually increase the training sessions and teach them more like fetching and answering door bells. For more interactive toys and brain stimulating toys for pets, browse through Waggfluence to get the best at the most attractive price and hassle free home delivery. Post us your feedback; we would love to hear from you!

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