Reasons why your dog should not have sugar

Reasons why your dog should not have sugar

Reasons why your dog should not have sugar

You must be well aware of the fact that sugar is harmful for health as it leads to obesity and diabetes among a host of other diseases. It is sadly the same for dogs as well. Feeding them food with high sugar content can change a dog’s muscle tone, fat storage, immune system and energy levels. All these alterations in their system make them susceptible to other diseases like heart ailment, arthritis, infections and obesity to name a few. Let us explore the probable outcomes of feeding your dog sugar rich food.

Upset stomach- The digestive system of canines is not designed to suit processing high sugar content food. Feeding them one may lead to stomach ache due to indigestion, vomiting and diarrhoea. All animals rely on the bacteria and other microorganisms in their gut to help digest food, the balance of which gets disrupted with high dose of sugar.

Toxicity- Certain food items high in sugar content like chocolates and the artificial sweetener xylitol are very harmful for the dogs. Theobromine, which is a component of chocolates, can actually be poisonous for the dogs. This is because dogs cannot process theobromine and excessive amount of it can be lethal for them. Xylitol which is found in peanut butter or sugar free gum can cause a life threatening blood sugar drop in dogs. Hypoglycaemia can also cause rapid liver failure or adverse heart conditions.

Dental problems- Just like in humans, bacteria in the mouth use sugar to produce acids which increase the loss of minerals in the enamel. This leads to dental disease and can cause cavities in teeth or swollen gums, foul breath or pain in teeth. Since it is not easy to brush their teeth properly, it is best to avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates.

Obesity- A growing concern among domesticated pets, obesity is the root cause of a host of diseases that may turn serious if not treated on time. Refined sugar is largely empty calories which cause rapid weight gain which in turn can stress joints and cause arthritis in dogs. Being overweight can cause heart ailments, lethargy, and difficulty in breathing from the additional weight on the chest walls and a lot of behavioural problems too. Less energy and decreased interest in any activity affects their quality of life adversely.

Diabetes- Continuous weight gain is the chief reason for dogs to develop type 2 diabetes. Diabetic dogs cannot process sugar because just as in humans in this condition, their pancreas is not able to produce enough insulin. Insulin is responsible to regulate the amount of glucose or sugar in blood.

Eating healthy is always right for a balanced view of life, whether it is for us or for our four legged friends. It is therefore best to avoid sugar laden diets as much as possible. Try to read the ingredient list before making any purchase of dog food or dog treat. Consult your vet in case of any queries or thoughts. The dog supplies at Waggfluence are all according to the set standards of their dietary requirements. So in case of any doubt, make stress free purchases for your fur friend from your trusted one and only Waggfluence.

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