Smart toys for your smart kitty

Smart toys for your smart kitty

Smart toys for your smart kitty

Cats get bored very easily and therefore take to napping more hours than necessary. Cat parents always have to look for innovative ideas to keep their pets entertained so that they get their necessary share of exercise. This is when toys for cats come in handy. While making purchase for such toys it is always essential to buy those that will keep them interested for hours. After all you should also get value for the money spent on it. Waggfluence understands all your pet needs very thoroughly and has come up with some smart toys that are unique and different from the regular ones. These toys are interactive and give the cats the pleasure of feeling their natural habitat and instinct. Let us have a look at a few of them.

Waggfluence smart sensing USB charging mouse toy for cats- Cats are natural predators and they love to chase and hunt small animals. This toy is made keeping that in mind. It self-plays and moves, catching your kitty’s attention in no time, so much so that it loves to go after it the moment you keep the toy. It charges via USB so there is no additional responsibility of changing batteries. Made of soft and cuddly material, it does not hurt the cat’s paws as it pounces on it at every move. They can also snuggle up to it when they are done playing. Users say they are happy with the purchase as their cats love it and keep it entertained for hours.

Waggfluence smart cat toy- Keep your cat active and energetic by gifting it this electric toy that is great for some fun exercise. It has four speed settings which you can set according to your cat’s mood and liking. It comes with an undercover mouse fabric moving feather that keeps cats running after it and keeping it amused for long periods of time.

Waggfluence cat interactive electric fish toy indoor play with LED- The multi-coloured plastic fishes are just perfect for the cats to go after them. Cats love small fishes and this toy gives them a feeling of their natural habitat wherein they would hunt small fishes and eat them. The toy comes with an LED light that makes playing with them even more fun for your furry friend. Keep them active and engaged indoors when you are too tired to play with them or need to distract them for a couple of hours to finish your chores.

Waggfluence automatic interactive LED laser smart teasing cat entertaining toy- This laser toy can be divided into two types: automatic mode and manual mode. It has adjustable 5 tracks with 2.5 angles. The dual power supply mode includes both USB plug-in use and batteries according to your preference. The motor is silent thereby ensuring not to cause the cat any discomfort. The light source is an industrial grade light source that is why it can be used for a long time. The funny cat pattern enables the exciting light to move randomly on the floor and walls attracting the natural hunting instinct of the cat. When no one is home and you feel that your cat should have some fun and exercise time, start the laser cat which automatically runs for 15 minutes every 1.5 hours.

These and more cat toys at Waggfluence are all suited to cater to the best interest of your cuddly baby. Try them and order while there are still great offers on their purchase prices. Stimulate the brain of your kitty with these toys to make them real beauty with brains!

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