Unique accessories for your pet

Unique accessories for your pet

Unique accessories for your pet

We know how much you love your pet and how eager you are to show him off to all and sundry. You wish all to heap praises about your fur baby, both on their grooming and training. That is why you do not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to their accessories and more. At Waggfluence we are aware that you want your pet to look unique and distinctive from the rest so as to get noticed in a commended manner. This is why we have come up with a few pet accessories that are going to style your fur baby in a matchless way. Come explore to fall in love with these products and order them to enhance the overall personality of your little one.

Waggfluence pet walking shoes for summer- These pet walking shoes serve the dual purpose of saving your pets’ feet from the hot streets and also adding a swag element to their gait. Available in attractive colors, they look unique and charming enough to catch every passerby’s attention and bring a smile of delight at watching your stylish pet. Order these to keep their paws free of dirt as well when they go explore the outsides. Choose the right size according to the size chart available in the description box.

Waggfluence LED glowing dog collars- Get a dog collar with a difference with this glowing feature that light up the look of your dog in more ways than one. This LED collar is USB rechargeable, so that you can keep the party with your friends and their pets all night long. If you plan on going on a hike or adventure trip, this dog collar is a must for you to be able to spot your dog in all weather and at all hours. It is available in 7 different colors for you to choose from. Be ready to get compliments for the collar and your dog to be the leader of his dog gang.

Waggfluence adjustable pet bibs neck scarf bandana- Give your pet a bohemian fashion look by tying this bib scarf around its neck. Available in various color patterns and sizes, these colorful bandanas are great to offer your pet a completely different and stylish look. They can all be fixed by an adjustable buckle which is comfortable and does not irritate your pets’ skin. Get this neck scarf bandana to dress up your fur baby for an outing with your gang.

Waggfluence dog cute outdoor backpack- Doesn’t this travel gear look elegant and fashionable when strapped to your dog on an outdoor travel? Suitable for carrying water, dog foods, treats and toys, this backpack is very useful in addition to imparting a chic look to your dog. Each side pouch comes with an exterior horizontal umbrella pocket with cross bungee cords for strapping an extra gear. It also doubles up as a protective harness for your pet. The backpack is durable, pet-friendly and comfortable for your dog to walk with it for long distances.

These and more pet accessories at Waggfluence are great to give a chic and trendy look to your pet. When you want to keep up to the latest trends in fashion, can your pet be far behind? After all, they should match your persona and let the onlookers give appreciative glances as the two of you making an extraordinary pair walk the roads. For more pet supplies visit Waggfluence for a trustworthy and happy shopping!


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