Things to know before getting a pet rabbit

Things to know before getting a pet rabbit

Things to know before getting a pet rabbit

Cute little bunnies with their iconic ears, hoppy legs and pristine fur skin can pretty much steal anybody’s heart. When you see them in a pet store, it is quite understandable that you wish to bring them home and see those little bundles of joy with their twitchy noses hop around. But just as with other pets, you need some preparation beforehand and some knowledge about their care and upkeep. Waggfluence understands that you want to be a good rabbit parent and so we are here to prepare you for it all. Armed with appropriate knowledge, we are sure you would do well and be proud to keep the rabbits happy and healthy. Let us begin..

Rabbits live up to 10-12 years- Before you bring a pet home it is important to know the lifespan of the species or breed. Rabbits can live for 10-12 years and accordingly you can categorise them into growing stage of young and maintenance stage of old. Also you should be prepared to care for them for these many years and try not to surrender them to shelters. You should be able to cater to their requirement of a sizeable degree of daily and weekly care over the course of their lives.

They aren’t great pets for kids- Cute bunnies can be instant attraction to the kids but the rabbit may be less thrilled to have kids around. This is because rabbits are basically meek creatures that get startled very easily. Loud noises and lurching movements scare them. Kids may want to pick it up also which is an absolute no-no for the rabbits as they think they have been grabbed by a predator. It is therefore advisable to wait until kids are older before the family adopts a rabbit.

Rabbits are social animals- Rabbits like to stay in groups because in the wild they think of each other as support structure in order to be alert for potential predators. They rely on each other to survive in their natural habitat as the responsibility spreads amongst all to cope up in their survival mechanism. So they feel immensely safe and relaxed to have another rabbit around. Even when domesticated, they look for their fellow beings and so it is advisable to have at least a couple of them to give company to each other and ward off loneliness. If you plan on this, it will be a smart call to spay and neuter your rabbits.

Rabbits need more space than other pets- If you happen to live in a small apartment; it is good not to have rabbits as pets. Rabbits need room to roam around and leaving them cooped up in a cage all day is not a great idea. Vets recommend them to have four hours of exercise a day to help them with their overall health, including digestion and mental well being. If you intend to use a cage for them it should be at least five times the size of the rabbit. This includes on a vertical level too so that they do not bump their heads when standing up on its hind legs.

Food supplies- Bunnies like carrots but it is definitely not the only food they should be on. Providing a healthy and varied diet is important for their balanced growth. Hay or grass should make up the bulk of their diet with fresh vegetables providing a smaller portion of their intake. Small bits of carrot, apple, pineapple and vegetables like kale, broccoli, and lettuce can be fed to the rabbits.

Rabbit proof your home- Giving your rabbit free rein of your home requires some care from your end too. Rabbits’ teeth never stop growing and chewing on everything comes naturally to them. If you don’t want shredded cables or furniture in your house, use coverings to protect them. Waggfluence cat scratching sofa protector may come in handy at such times.

Mind your sleep time- Rabbits are crepuscular, which means they typically sleep during the day and night and are awake at dawn and dusk. If they have a free run of the house and are not caged, they might disturb your sleep early in the morning as dawn time is their play hour. If you can get used to it, getting rabbits as pets is great.

Keeping these tips in mind, decide on the right time to get home a cuddly fur ball of the cutest bunny home. Waggfluence has rabbit supplies to take care of all their needs. From rabbit chew toys to rabbit litter box, rabbit harness and leash set, warm fleece mat for small pets and more; we have you covered. Let the soft and innocent creatures light up your life!


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