Snuffle mats for your pooch

Snuffle mats for your pooch

Snuffle mats for your pooch

Dogs have a natural urge to snuffle. You will always see them snuffling when Taken out to walk or in fields and grasses. To stimulate a dog’s natural instincts by mimicking their hunt by sniffing, snuffle mats are great puzzle toys to engage your pup in. They are a good way to provide mental and physical enrichment to your dog no matter what age they are. These mats also slow down fast eaters thus helping to avoid risks of stomach upsets. Waggfluence, your trusted online pet store, knows how essential snuffle mats are in a dog home, so we present you some options to choose from.

  • Waggfluence dog foraging snuffle mat- These mats are designed to hold treats in their multi pockets which will be exciting for your dog to search. It will keep them engaged for hours as they will snuffle and find out the hidden treats. Great to reduce stress, these mats are made of superior quality fleece fabric and are machine washable for your ease.
  • Waggfluence doggo stress relieving snuffle mat- These mats are designed to stimulate your dog’s mind by making them sniff, lick and search for treats. Snuffing relieves dogs of stress and boredom and is a good way to engage energetic hounds. It is easy to use and a natural way to train your dogs.
  • Waggfluence dog squeaky snuffle mat- The squeaky pea balls are small, soft ,light weight, skin friendly toys that your furry friend can pull out and play with anytime. Let your dog sniff and seek the treats that you place inside the pea. Peas can be taken out with adhesive closure and cleaned after your pet finishes its play.
  • Waggfluence cat and dog sniffing puzzle snuffle mat- This mat is a great way to engage your dog in exercise and consume its energy to keep his weight in check. The dogs can find snacks or small toys hidden in the carpet thus improving its sense of smell and keeping him off engaging in destructive behavior. The bottom is a non-slip cloth which effectively fixes the mat and makes it easier for your dog to play with it.


It is important to clean the mat after use so that it does not have remnants of food particles which your dog may eat another day. A great way to provide mental stimulation and entertainment, these mats should have its place in your home. For pet supplies online, try us and you will surely repeat.

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