Ways to shield your pet this summer

Ways to shield your pet this summer

Ways to shield your pet this summer

With the rising temperature it is not just humans who are facing the consequences, but our pets are also susceptible to heatstroke and dehydration. The summer heat can be very traumatic for them and can bring about a lot of symptoms that may adversely affect their health. It is therefore prudent to follow some quick tips to ensure their safety and well-being. Breeds that have a natural layer of thick fur suffer the most, so they need extra care and precaution. At Waggfluence, we care for your pets just as much as you do. That is why we suggest you read this and follow the tips to shield your pet from the scorching Sun.

Keep your pets indoors during daytime to avoid going out in the sun. In case you cannot avoid it, never leave your pets unattended in the car as the heat might get on to them. Draw curtains at home and use coolers or air conditioners to keep their body cool. Give them a regular bath to keep their body cool. Waggfluence dog and cat shampoo massager is great to keep them clean and smelling fresh this summer.

Schedule their walk time to cooler hours like early mornings or late evenings when the temperature is more conducive. For walks choose grassy patches and mud paths as pavements and concrete roads heat up fast and may cause paw-blisters. Waggfluence Viral pet portable dog paw washer comes in handy after the walk to cool and clean their paws of any mud remnants.

Increase the quantity of broths and fluid in the dietary plans of your pet for them to remain properly hydrated. Even while on a walk remember to carry a water bottle and make them drink at regular intervals. Waggfluence collapsible outdoor pet water bottle comes in handy on such occasions. It doesn’t leak water, is easy to carry and made of non-toxic material to make it just right for your pet.

If you have to take your dog out when the sun is up, use Waggfluence dog sunglasses to shield their eyes and protect them from harmful ultra violet radiations. You may also use Waggfluence anti slip dog socks to prevent the paws from directly touching a hot surface.

Feed your pet fresh food and do not leave it out in the open for long for fear of food getting spoilt. Look out for symptoms of heatstroke such as glazed eyes, rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, profuse salvation, dizziness and vomiting. Consult a vet in case of any of these symptoms and remain attentive until symptoms persist.

Taking care of your pet is not very difficult especially if you have a friend like us. We are with you at every step and juncture of you being a pet parent!

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