Sources of fibre for dogs

Sources of fibre for dogs

Sources of fibre for dogs

As in humans, fibre should be an essential component of food in dogs as well. Fibre helps your dog maintain a healthy balance in the gut which regulates the bowels and keeps the colon healthy too. Though most dogs do not require much fibre in their food, there are some who need it more than the rest if they suffer from gastronomical problems. The best part is that dogs having either chronic diarrhea or constipation respond beautifully to fibre content administered to them.

If your vet thinks that your dog needs additional supplements of fibre, it is easy to include that in his diet. There are a lot of sources to consider, so let us look at some of the most popular ones.

Pumpkin- This is a tasty and healthy source of fibre which you can include in your dog’s diet. You can feed them fresh pumpkin around a teaspoon or less to start with and see how he responds.

Flaxseed- in addition to being one of the healthiest fibre, flaxseeds are rich in omega3 fatty acids which is great for your dog’s skin, coat, brain and overall nervous system. Sprinkle some grounded flaxseeds on your dog’s food or roll it into a ball with peanut butter.

Apples- Dogs naturally love to chew on apple slices. They are rich source of fibre and low in calories. They help clean canine teeth too, so you have all the more reasons to feed them a size proportionate to their size.

Carrots- Carrots are high in fibre and low in calories and also help improve a dog’s liver and kidney function. Many pet parents buy baby carrots to feed them as treats which is highly recommended.

Brown rice- Brown rice is a good source of fibre and mixes well with veggies like carrots and green beans, so it is easy to feed them as a proper meal.

Apart from these you might try feeding them some berries, lettuce or beet pulp in small proportions. Sometimes these supplements are not enough or not easy to feed your dogs. Look for an ideal dog food container that contains the right amount of fibre prescribed by your vet to your doggie. For all your canine needs Waggfluence comes as a great option for online pet supplies. After all, a good gut health is a healthy dog and a happy you. 

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