Get your home pup ready

Get your home pup ready

Get your home pup ready

You are going to be a pet parent and we can understand the excitement and euphoria around it. You can’t wait to bring home your little bundle of joy and shower him with smooches all over. But at the same time you are getting jitters whether or not you will be able to take up the responsibility of such a little life. At Waggfluence we understand your mixed state of emotions. We are not a mere pet store online but also with you at every step to help your journey as a pet parent easier. So if it is time to bring home a pup, you should make yourself and your home ready for him.

Get all the puppy essentials- You want to welcome the little one with open arms and wish to make him adjust comfortably in his new home. Get him a cosy bed which is easy to clean as well. Make sure it will also suit him as they grow. Food and water bowls should be in accordance to their size and also made of pet friendly, non-toxic material. You will also need some toys to keep him busy and mentally agile. Get him a grooming brush, nail clippers, collar and a leash.

Right puppy food- Puppies have delicate digestive systems and their nutritional needs varies from one to another. It is very crucial to monitor the quality and quantity of food as it is vital for their growth, health and development.

A vet- You will need to be in touch with a local vet for your puppy’s every need. They will guide you best about their food and nutrition and monitor their health and development. Timely vaccinations are a must and so make sure your vet is trustworthy and experienced.

Introducing them to family- Puppies love to be around children, so make sure you ask your children to be calm around them at first and not frighten them. Let the puppy make the first move towards knowing your family, so let it be gradual and happy.

Make your home puppy proof- Some houseplants are toxic for the pups. It is best to keep them out of their reach. Check your garden fences for any gaps or any such area where your puppy could escape from.

Now that you have done your homework it is time to prepare yourself mentally to be able to adjust well to your new member. Your positive approach will help a lot in its mental growth and bonding. Wish you all the best in this new journey. For all your pet needs, we at Waggfluence are always eager to help.

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