Things to learn from your pet

Things to learn from your pet

Things to learn from your pet

It is true that you teach your pets a lot of skills, games and habits. They look up to you to train them as per their requirement and your ease. But have you ever wondered that they end up teaching us more than we have ever taught them. Okay, they might not speak in so many words but their body language says it all. Subconsciously they infuse a lot of positive characteristics in us that we really need at the hour. In case you are still not aware of what your pet has taught you, let us make you mindful of it.

Love- Love is the greatest emotion in this world. None of us can do without it. But how many of us really make an honest effort to give it back? Most of us tend to take love for granted and reciprocating it does not come easy to us. Our pets teach us to love selflessly and unconditionally. Even if you have left your pet alone for hours, they will come bounding to you in joy the moment you enter the house. There is no complain, no anger and no remorse. Isn’t this wonderful? If we can learn this from them, wouldn’t the world be a much better place to live?

Friendship is important- Have you ever noticed that pets seem to make friends rather spontaneously and immediately, whether it is with other pets or with hoomans. Take them out on a walk and they wag tails at every other pet they see. They will stop and sniff and bark to seek attention. If you have a guest over and they seem nice to him, they develop a bond almost instantaneously. Isn’t this their way to teach us to make friends and spend some time with them, to trust them and not judge them always?

Outdoor fun- As pet lovers or parents we all know how much they love outdoors. On the other hand most of us are always hooked to our phones or laptop. Going out seems a chore to us that we keep putting away. Basically, we are lazy to venture out, see the beauty of nature and marvel at it, take a walk or wave to fellow pedestrians. Our pets teach and coax us to go out, enjoy the bliss that outdoors seems to give us.

Pets speak, but only in a language that pet lovers can understand. They teach us a lot of things but only if we pause and ‘listen’ to them. Next time you are with your pet, lend him your ears and see the magic unfold.

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