Umbrellas and raincoats this monsoon

Umbrellas and raincoats this monsoon

Umbrellas and raincoats this monsoon

Don’t you just love the smell of rain? Everywhere there is the fragrance of freshness and cleanliness. The greenery all around seems to have taken a new shade, glistening with the remnants of rain droplets and dancing in the rain. Well, no matter how much you love the rains, there are a lot of them who think gray skies is synonymous to gloomy days. In this criteria fall our pets as well because they are not able to go out and play and walk with you as they do otherwise. Rains mean staying indoors for them and no fun running in the parks or trails. Not anymore! Waggfluence brings monsoon gears for your fur friends and there is no holding back on those walks out anymore. Raincoats and umbrellas especially designed for them keeps them clean and dry and you don’t have to worry about them getting wet and catching cold.

Waggfluence C shape handle pet dog umbrella with leash and adjustable angle- The rains are always unpredictable in the entire monsoon. One minute the skies are clear and the next you know there is a heavy downpour. Carry this umbrella with you every time you go out on a walk with your pooch. It will help keep the dog dry and comfortable should the rain start. The C shape handle keeps your hands free while the leash attached to it keeps your pet close and well monitored. It has an adjustable angle to hold which means you can customize the umbrella to suit your needs. The clear design enables your pet to have a clear surrounding vision and it won’t be scared of feeling cooped up under it. Go out on walks with your fur friend without worries with this fashionable and easy to use umbrella.

Waggfluence dog raincoat with hat and removable tail bag coat- A tail to toe full raincoat keeps your dogs dry even during heavy rains. It also protects your fur friends in a windy and chilly day acting like a protective shield. The raincoat is easy to clean and does not need to be washed. All you have to do is clean it with a wet paper towel when it gets dirty. The polyester waterproof dog jacket has a reflective long strap, which helps in the visibility of drivers and pedestrians during the night and misty weather. It has a transparent hat design which is also waterproof and easy for the pet to have a clear view of the surroundings. Now take your dog out on walks in chilly or rainy days without a worry on your mind.

Waggfluence savior dog raincoat rainy day - Cute and light weight, these raincoats are available in a number of sizes to fit your dog to the best. Its reflective material makes it glow in the dark and thus makes your pet visible even from a distance. Prevent your dog from getting wet or cold as you make him wear this coat available in a variety of colours. It can be conveniently stored and folded when not needed.

Waggfluence raincoat for small medium large dogs- This cute transparent raincoat made of durable plastic is great for small and medium size dogs. Let the rainy season not ruin your plans for a long walk outdoors with your cuddly pooch. This raincoat comes as a great rescue and since it is easy to put on and remove, your dog will not make a fuss about wearing it. Buy it after consulting the size chart so as to order the one that fits your pet best.

With amazing deals available on all these products, it will be a wise decision to order them now and avail the benefits Waggfluence has to offer. Convert rainy days into outing days with your fur friend with these products to help you sail through the season.

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