Why should you consider dog walking as your side hustle

Why should you consider dog walking as your side hustle

Why should you consider dog walking as your side hustle

A lot of people look out for jobs to do in between their regular office hours or after their classes if they happen to be students. There are a number of jobs that you can take up as a side hustle depending on your interests and qualification. If you happen to be a dog lover, then dog walking can feature as one of the best side hustle available. It requires no formal training or any requisite qualification. The only thing you need is to be free for the hours you need to walk the dog and a natural instinct to bond well with most dogs. There are a lot of reasons that contribute positively in your choice of dog walking as a side hustle.

Love for dogs- Chances are you love dogs a lot. If you take up dog walking, you get to meet and befriend a lot of dogs as per your clients’ list and get to spend quality time with them. For most dog lovers, the best and unconditional love comes only from the canines. If you also own a dog, you can take them both out together and that becomes a chance for your dog to have a fellow companion on his outdoor excursions.

Some physical exercise- Sedentary lifestyle plays havoc for both mind and body. A walk with your loved companion gives you the much necessary exercise you need to keep fit. It also gives you quality time to mull over any decision or problems you need to think about. A quiet long walk does wonders to uplift your mood and rejuvenate you to take up the responsibilities you need to look after. A walk does wonders to keep your bones fit, your heart health in good shape and keeps your weight in check.

Teaches responsibility- Being a dog guardian teaches you a lot of responsibilities as you are in charge of a living being for as many hours as you have promised your client. You learn to manage any surprises that may happen during your dog sitting hours. You think of being ready to act in case of the dog falling ill or meeting an accident. You think of ways to make your walk an interesting one for the Fido by playing with him, running with him or playing fetch and catch. In short, it makes you a more disciplined and better person.

You make new friends- When you take the dog out for walks in a park or a trail, there are strong chances that you get to meet fellow dog walkers. Like-minded people always get drawn towards each other and eventually strike up a conversation about things they share in common. Who knows, you might end up having a great friend and companion for yourself?

Money matters- Dog walking is like being paid for a hobby if you have always loved dogs. The money is great and if your clients love your commitment, they spread a good word for you. This in turn may fetch you more work which means more money. You could expand your business to more related arenas like dog sitting or turning your yard into a day care centre for dogs. A few ideas to make more money around your love for dogs can always be a grand thought.

Love knows no boundaries. We resonate with your love for dogs because we are one among you. It is our mutual love for pets that has made Waggfluence what it is today. Looking forward to keep up to the expectations of all dog parents, it’s bow-wow from us tonight!

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