Multifunctional products that are a must have in any pet home

Multifunctional products that are a must have in any pet home

Multifunctional products that are a must have in any pet home

In the fast pace life of today, we are constantly in search of products that can be used for multifarious activities. Our watches double up as our phones and health monitors, our phones double up as remote control of various electronic gadgets, a mobile application doubles up as our banking needs and so on and so forth. At Waggfluence, we understand your pet needs just as you would want. A single product taking over the use of two or three things is cost effective and easier to use as well. That is why Waggfluence presents you some pet multifunctional products that are easy on your wallet, easy to carry and store and pretty useful too. Let us have a look at a few of them to understand better, be enamored of such products and buy them according to your requirements.

Waggfluence 3 in 1 multifunctional dog water bottle with food feeder, drinker and poop dispenser for outdoor travel- Carry everything you need in one handy bottle as you take your dog out on a walk or on a picnic. This multifunctional bottle serves as a water bottle, food feeder and a poop dispenser. The water bottle can hold up to 500 ml of water and the food feeder is great to hold some dry kibbles when you are out and your dog gets a little hungry in your absence. The poop dispenser is your life saver when you forget the poop bag on a hike or your regular walks.

Waggfluence multifunction drinker for cats ceramic fountain cactus indoor décor- Upgrade the look of your house corner by placing this ceramic clay fountain with a cactus adorning the Centre of it. It also serves as a drinker for cats and your kitty will love to drink water from this fountain, giving it a feel of being amidst nature. The filter components are upgraded one by one to ensure the smoothness of the waterway. The enhanced filter elements are designed to block even the minute impurities like hair or dust in the air. This way you do not have to worry about the drinking quality of water.

Waggfluence dog slow feeder toy multifunctional puzzle- This toy doubles up as a slow feeder for dogs which literally gulp down their food. It is 360 degree rotatable, is strong and durable. Fitted with a flip-type granary lid which can be opened to put pet food inside, it serves as a feeder in your absence. The toy has a self- balancing system which moves back and forth by the slightest push of a pet. When the toy wobbles back and forth, the pet food falls out and this keeps them more interested in the puzzle toy. 

Waggfluence multifunctional dog leash- This is one of the best serving dog leash for outdoor trips as it doubles up as a carrier for your collapsible bowl, bottle and paw dispenser which can be attached to the leash. The light weight and ergonomic non-slip handle make it comfortable for you to hold for long hours. It is tangle free and the nylon belt is abrasion resistant, thus adding up the advantages of buying it.

Waggfluence foldable dog and cat snuffle ball- A multi-colored attractive ball that lures the dogs to play with it doubles up as a training toy too. The owners can hide food between the many folded circles and encourage their dogs to sniff and find the hidden snacks. It is made of high quality felt cloth which is durable and machine washable too. This ball serves as an excellent activity for your dog and helps to train their brain for mental and physical agility.

These many in one product are great as they serve manifold purpose and are thus cost effective too. Bring them home to delight your pet and get them the best. These and more pet supplies at Waggfluence are all quality products and worth the buy. Let the incredible love of pets inundate you with boundless joy!

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