How often should you bathe your dog?

How often should you bathe your dog?

How often should you bathe your dog?

We know how much your dog loves you for not giving them frequent baths because this is by far not among their favourite activity. If you have been wondering whether or not you should bathe him regularly and how to decipher that it is time he should be given a bath, we are here to answer all your queries. To start with, let us tell you that the answer depends on a lot of things based on their breed, lifestyle, length of coat and also upon the pet parents’ time and willingness to give their dog a bath. In general a healthy dog with no skin ailments would require a bath once in one to two months.

The type of coat your dog has is a big factor in how often he requires bath. The breed of dogs and their place of stay also remain vital in deciding the frequency of bathing the dog. Waggfluence feels that there are a few factors that dog parents should consider while deciding this. Let us see in detail.

The activities of the dog- The dogs that play outdoors a lot are more prone to getting dirty. Since some dogs like to frolic in mud and grass, their coat get soiled and filthy. These dogs need more frequent baths because if they do not get cleaned, they start smelling stinky after a few days. Working dogs also need bath more frequently because they get the musty smell very soon owing to being out in the farms or fields. In contrast the dogs who prefer to remain indoors and go out only for walks might stay clean and smelling wonderful even if not bathed for a couple of months.

Hair length of the dogs- Medium and long coat dogs need more maintenance because if they are not groomed properly, they develop matted hair and very visible dirty long furs. In that case you or your guests would feel reluctant to hold them in your lap or play with them. To take care of their long coat, they should be bathed every four to six weeks. The long furs need grooming to maintain the softness and silkiness of their fur. The owners of dogs with short coats could bathe their pets somewhere between once every month and every three months. Waggfluence wishes to advise the dog parents not to wash their canine’s coat too much, though. Over bathing dogs with thick coats like Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers or Siberian huskies can result in stripping essential oil from their skin. This should be avoided at all costs because this oil aids with naturally insulating dogs and interfering with the natural system is always a bad idea.

Use your own instinct- Always abiding with the rules is not the solution when it comes to pet care. If you can smell the skunk stench of your pooch from a distance, you know it is time he be cleaned. Dolls roll in things they shouldn’t and of course you cannot always be there to prevent it. You sure wouldn’t want a muddy pooch in your house. So the key point remains to use your sense of smell and touch as a timer for doggy bath time. To make your pooch enjoy bath all the more go for Waggfluence dog and cat shampoo massager which gives a good fur massage with its silicone rubber brush.

Climate of the place- If you and you pup reside in a place that experiences very cold weather including snowfall, you could postpone your idea of giving your pet a bath for three to four months. Ensure that the temperature is warm enough for a bath. Bathing dogs in very low temperature area can pose a lot of health risks. Any water content left in the fur of the dogs could freeze and be a cause of various ailments and diseases. On the contrary, dogs residing in areas which tend to get very hot in summer need more frequent baths to cool down their skin temperature. If not done they may be at a risk of heat stroke. Keeping them cool and dry is very important for pet parents.

Dogs might get a little crazy after bath by shaking or running around. They shake or roll to get themselves dry which is obviously not a good way. Waggfluence recommends you use a good quality pet drying coat or towel. Try Waggfluence bathrobe pet drying coat microfiber absorbent beach towel. You can alternatively go for Waggfluence quick drying pet dog and cat water absorbing soft fiber towels. After giving them a bath, try not to let them out in the open soon after, so as to let their body temperature normalise after the bath. Waggfluence wishes you happy pet grooming!

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