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Wagglemerch Shipping and Delivery

  • How long does it take to deliver my Order? All Our Products take up to 13 to 15 business days to be delivered from the date of order.
  • Does Wagglemerch Handle Shipment and Logistics? After successfully processing your order, we send it to a shipping company/carrier depending on the country and city we are selling to and it is fully handled by them.
  • Will I receive a Tracking? You will be updated with a tracking within 2 to 3 days after the date of order in your email once the package has been fulfilled and shipped.
  • Can I cancel an Order after placing it? You can cancel your order within 2 days from placing the order but you cannot cancel after 2 days as by this time we would have already shipped the item(s).
  • Are there any Shipment fees? No shipping fees and customs fees is charged for all pet products except for T-Shirts and Customized Printed Products.
  • Can I ship a gift to someone? Yes you can but you have to put the person’s shipping address correctly and not your address. Please note Wagglemerch cannot mark any package(s) as a “Gift” in order to avoid customs and duties fees.
  • Why is my order getting delayed to be delivered? Please note that on rare occasions, customs agents and shipping carriers may delay the delivery of some packages at their discretion. Due to this your package might take time to deliver to your address.
  • What can I do to receive the delivery faster? For delivery delay, you can call your local post office mentioned in the tracking information and enquire with them. For example US customers are given YUN EXPRESS/17 Track Tracking which after a week of shipment a USPS tracking will be generated. So customers can contact USPS for enquiry about package delivery.
  • I am changing my address. I have put the wrong address. What Can I do? If you give us address change request within 48 hours from placing the order, we can change from our side. But after 48 hours, you have to wait to contact your local courier to ship the address. 

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