Air purifier for pet dander

Air purifier for pet dander

Air purifier for pet dander

Having a pet at home means unlimited joy and unconditional love. With it comes its share of additional responsibilities and caring schedules to follow. Pet dander and fur become as much part of your home as does the pet itself. This means more cleaning sessions and more alertness towards the health of all in the house. Ever since the Covid pandemic, we all have been cautious about clean and hygienic atmosphere and breathing in unpolluted air. Waggfluence presents an air purifier that is portable and can be easily installed at home.

Waggfluence Must Have Air Purifier for Pet Dander is designed to capture 99% of airborne particles, be it pollen, dust, smoke, hair, bacteria, or dander. It ensures safe environment for your pets as well as your family members. There are three stages of filtration.

  • The preliminary filter captures large particles such as pets’ hair, fur and lint.
  • True HEPA filter captures small particles such as dust, airborne bacteria and pollen.
  • High efficiency activated carbon filter is the third stage that neutralizes various household odours such as cooking smells, pet odour, and smoke.


The purifier is easy to install and can be carried from one place to another. To install it, just flip the purifier upside down and remove the filter cover. Reinstall the filter and place the cover back on the purifier.

There is a button at the top of the machine. One press activates sleep mode, where the blue light turns off and the purifier starts working. Two press means the blue light is on along with the purifier in working mode. Three presses enables high speed mode and to denote that there is a red light that switches on. Four press turns off the purifier.

Bring this air purifier home to be a responsible person having a keen eye for safety of all. For all other pet essentials try Waggfluence for a lovely experience.

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