Some common health problems in dogs

Some common health problems in dogs

Some common health problems in dogs

When you love someone with all your heart, it is very depressing to see them sick or not their normal self. While it is something we all would rather avoid thinking about, it is important to be aware of ailments and their symptoms so as to be alert at their onset early enough. Unfortunately, health related problems are a part of life for pets and it is very surprising to learn just how common they can be. We have here some common ailments that vets encounter every other day, some serious while others not.

  • Cataract- If you thought only humans are affected by it, you need to change your view. This is a big health issue, especially in older dogs. Cataract is the cloudiness of eye lens that leads to vision impairment and may get serious if not treated in time. Signs of cataract include a whitish, blue or grey area in the centre of the eye. Sometimes it is accompanied by behavioral changes too because of decreased vision. This is not always age related and even a puppy could have cataract. A pet parent needs to watch out for signs and reach out to their vet if they find something abnormal.
  • Arthritis- It is one of the most common sufferings among dogs, especially in their old age. If you notice that your dog is slower on his feet and far less active than he used to be, reluctant in playing or going out for walks, it could be a sign of arthritis. Mostly, hips, knees, shoulders and elbow joints are affected in dogs. Regular exercise and weight control can help ward off arthritis if not delay its onset and implications.
  • Diarrhoea- Frequent liquid or loose bowel movements could be because of a number of reasons of which pet parents should be aware of. Mostly it is because of a change in diet or a sensitive stomach or because your dog has eaten grass or any such reasons. It subsides with time with plenty of rest and a proper diet. Chronic diarhhoea could be a symptom of any underlying illness such as kidney or liver infections, inflammatory bowel disease or even cancer. If conditions persist for a week, it is time to consult a vet.
  • Fleas and ticks- Almost all dogs get this at least once in their lifetime. Fleas jump from one host to another and your dog usually picks it up when in contact with an infected animal. Scratching, pawing and licking of the bites can lead to inflammation or hair loss. Fortunately this can be treated easily with the right medication. Ticks can be more serious though causing grave implications like poisoning of the blood and even death.
  • Obesity- Being overweight is not a problem that only humans are battling with. Obesity can lead to several health issues like heart disease, kidney disease, arthritis and many more. Keeping their weight in check is therefore very important and that can be done by giving them lots of exercise and keeping them away from too many treats.


To make sure that you know your pooch and their activities well, spend some time with them. This way you will be able to say if you spot any abnormality in their daily regime. Getting hold of diseases in initial stage is always easier to treat and less painful for both you and your pet. Consult your vet to get things in order once again. Wishing all your pets a happy and healthy lifetime!

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